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I am 29 yrs and I have been over weighted since my childhood. my weight goes up and down lil bit but i have never been slim or average. Now a days due to the work tension I have started eating a lot and so I putting on lot of weight. I dont get time to do exercise or may be im too lazy for it. So I want to start with some good weight lose pills. I saw online about a weight lose pill 'Adipril' but I am not sure whether this pill is good for me or no. Any suggestions

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I personally would never take any weight loss pills.  You have no idea what is in them and if your taking other medications, it could be dangerous to mix the two together.  They are also not recognised by the FDA.  

Exercise is the best way to lose weight.  Once you start to exercise, you feel wonderful all around.  It will give you loads of wonderful energy, boost your mood, and helps tremendously with weight loss.  Once you start to exercise and get into the groove, it gets addicting.  Even something as simple as walking has wonderful benefits!  

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I agree that most weight loss pills are not approved by the FDA; the ones that are, require a prescription from your doctor.......

Can you give us an idea of a typical day's food/beverage intake?  *IF* you had time to exercise, what would you prefer to do?  

Weight loss will need to be accomplished through a combination of proper diet and exercise.  

In addition, it would be helpful to know if you have any medical issues that may cause weight gain or make losing harder - such as hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, PCOS, etc.
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you might want to try alli bc it also helps teach you how to eat better.  I 've used adipex in the past but you have to have a dr. script for them.  They do work like crazy.  There are actually alot of reviews online about different diet pills.  I would check those out, but keep in mind some pills work different on some than others
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Yes, Alli does work and it's approved by the FDA; and if you follow the protocol, it does teach you to eat healthier.  

The problem with Alli is that if you don't follow the program properly, there are some unpleasant "side effects", so if you decide to try that make sure you read up on it and know what you are getting into before you start.  

Most OTC diet pills do not work or if they do happen to help you lose weight, most likely you will gain it all back once you stop taking them.  

The bottom line is: no matter what you take to help you lose, you are going to have implement a sensible eating and moderate exercise program in order to keep the weight off.

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I tried taking weight lost pills before for about two weeks. Though I did lose about 5 pounds. The side effects were horrible including sleepless nights, mood swings, paranoia...etc. I ceased taking them after those syptoms.

My advice, shortcuts can never be the real solution in life. Including for weight loss.Proper diet and exercise is the real key. Don't waste your money on these tempting shortcuts.
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You have to be very careful with any type of weight loss pills; in my opinion, they should be taken only with the approval/supervision of your doctor.  The only reason I am so familiar with Alli is because my endocrinologist prescribed xenical for me.  Xenical is the same drug that's in Alli, only the prescription is much stronger.  The problem is, the script was about $300/month and I couldn't afford that, so I looked into Alli - even talked to my pharmacist about it.  It does work, but one thing to remember is that it blocks fat from being absorbed into your body -- you need a certain amount of fat to be healthy and it does not differentiate between "good" and "bad" fats.  

The one thing I found, is that I had to control my eating so much in order to avoid the "treatment effects", so I decided that I could do that without spending the $ for the medicine.  In addition, I knew that I would not continue that type of eating habit over the long haul.  

I do very strongly believe that the best way to lose weight is by implementing a sensible diet and exercise program that will allow you to make "lifestyle" changes; those are changes that you can keep up from now on.  

The problem with pills or any extreme means of losing weight, is that once you stop the pills/diet, etc, you will most likely gain back all the weight you lost, often gaining even more.  

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