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weight loss and pericings

Okkay.. I have a question going to be an odd one but oh well! hahaa here we go

My husband brought up getting my navel periced. I like the Idea.. and he thinks I'd be sexy with one (regardless of what I weigh now) Also I'm thinking if I get it done it will be even more of an encouragement to help loose the weight! Of corse I know all the factors for cleaning and infection and what not. I've had other pericings done before such as cartilage industrail pericings. Anyway what I'm wanting to know if anyone knows.. would loosing weight after getting it done have an effect on where it was periced? or would it stay the same? .. like I said odd question of the day haha..

much love
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My belly piercing was the same after losing 60 lbs. However the skin around it was somewhat sagged. Better off going with a piercing than a tattoo!
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Makes sense to me! I could totally understand about getting a tattoo THEN loosing weight. I mean I plan on getting on my chest.. that wont really change.. I'm not having anymore kids so haha. and I wont be getting that till April. That makes me feel a little better about getting one then loosing weight and it still looking OK
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My ear piercings have been pretty much the same no matter what my weight.  *Just teasing*, I had not heard about how this might change and I am glad to see the response that you got.  Very interesting question.  

I can tell you how weight change affects tattoos though...nothing pretty.  ; )  
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Don't know how much weight you have to lose, but how about waiting until the weight is lost, then get the piercing?  Use the piercing as an incentive to lose the weight - sort of a "treat" for both you and your hubby to look forward to.  Just think of how sexy you would feel!!  Yep, that's what I'd do.  lol.
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Hmm... yeah I've heard it bot ways.. wait.. or.. it doesn't matter it wont really have an effect haha! ooh no my "treat" is going to be buying me a bikini for the first in my WHOLE life and seeing my hubbys jaw drop to the floor hahahaa!! I'll have to have the camera for that one!
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GL with the piercing!! I dont think they are really bad so much but i never paid attention to my stomach till i got one and the more i stared at it the more i convinced myself my stomach was fat!! It kinda makes u obsessive!! I guess it may have been right its many years later and now i so have to tone i should have started years ago!! At any rate my piercing would NOT heal so i took it out and now i have a yucky nasty scar!! So i totally regret it and the pain was so excruciating i will never ever get it pierced again i just about passed out when i got it done i felt all the blood rush away lol!! Not trying to scare you sorry if i did i would just think really long and hard and make sure you want it!! If you then  cool!!
Oh i know the bikini thing i have not worn one since i met my hubby in 2005!! So thats my goal too but i guess Monokini cus hubby wont let me wear a real bikini waaaaay too many dudes in his family lol!!
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the belly button does sag some im sure when u lose weight...but if your not done having kids or want more i would get it pierced when im done having kids....
cause i got mine done before i had my  son ..so after i had my son my belly button was a lil saggy and has an x strech mark around the hole...lol its light now but i notice it.
also if you wait after u have a kid if the belly button sags when they pierce it they can put a lil extra skin to pierce sorta like a belly button lift!!...which makes it look un saggy...infact i got mine done again and it doesnt look saggy at all..

if you cant resist go ahead :) if after u lose all the weight it sags then let them pierce it again...
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Pericings don't really scare me LOL. I've had my cartilage done. just a single on one ear then the industrial bar on the other. only reason it started  hurting was one of my "assistant" bosses.. looong story I threw a bloomin fit mainly cause there were OTHERS who had their tounge and nose and other ear piercings and kept them IN at work and he made me take my bar out even though it was HIDDEN and the BIG boss never ever said anything to me about it. and none of the other girls had to take theirs out! made me so mad! haha anyway!

haha!! i think if i can see an epidural needle and deal with it going in.. I can handle any type of pericings LOL! or child birth WITHOUT pain killers. with my son we almost didn't get to the hospital in time. they wouldn't tell me how much I was dialated 'cause they didn't want to freak me out! lets just say we got there at 10:45pm he was born at 11:45pm! pushed out a 9lb 3oz boy with NO epi!! I felt accomplished though LOL!!

We're done having kids though we have a boy and a girl and thats what we were hoping for.
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WOW!! You are brave NO epi? and 9lbs!! Definetly a strong woman lol!! I always said i would scream for the epi when I had kids but now days the health problems i do have will force me to get one and a c-section!! UGGGHH!! wont be looking forward to that but I am looking forward to the future when i do get to be a mommy!!
i think my problem with my bell piercing was that i was standing up while getting it lol I   would advise to lay down if they will let you lol!!
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I would wait until you lose some more weight. Mostly because the skin around it might be saggy, as others have said. Let that be a motivator for you to get it done! When I lose X amount, I get a piercing!

I'm a piercing fanatic so I think it's totally awesome you want to get it done! I just got my tongue done for the third time about a month ago. I used to have my belly button and my eyebrow, but no more. And I have my nose pierced and 4 holes in each ear.
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Haha.. I'm getting LOTS of pericings done tomorrow :D..


I had no choice to get an epi with my son.. I had to wait for the dr to get there to break my water and witin 15 minutes he was born I was only in the hospital for an hour before they gave the time of birth it wouldn't of kicked in in time.. luckily at the hospital they have like these really cool picture things that go over the ceiling lights! so I focused on this yellow fish for the whole hour. it only took 15 mins though after the water broke that he was out! LOL if I had waited ANY longer we would of had to call 911 and delievered Matt at the house!
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lol!! Thats cool!! sounds like my birth my dad said my mom insisted something was wrong and turn and go to the hospital and they told her no no youre fine but if you insist we ll look at you and in 1 hr when you dont give birth youre going home!! Well my dad said he was only pacing the floor for exactly 10 mins and out i popped!! Me and my sis both came quick like that! Except she was born at home cus they insisted my mom was not dilated and sent her home!!
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