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Okay so iv been try to lose weight. I was going great the first few weeks on going to the gym 4to 5 days and now iv lost my motivation or energy anything I can do to get that energy back or try not going off my diet something to help me not want fatty foods like burgers sweets coke etc.? Just need some advice?
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If you set dates on calender to special occasions that my help motivate you. For example, my birthday is at the end of Feb. I want to feel confident with my body by then.. So lately that's what keeps me motivated to keep going. Also when you really crave some bad foods, go on Google and search up why they're bad for you... The info you find will help convince you to stay away from those foods.  Finding Healthy alternatives for the foods you crave is also helpful. I crave cookies a lit but I found this great vegan cookie recipe online and it fulfills my craving without the regret.
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Keep at it! The more you exercise the more energy you get as long as you don't overdue it. Although a change of scenery while exercising might help. So maybe instead of going to the gym, walk laps in the mall or outside instead. Also drinking 3 glasses of Green Tea (right before or after each meal) also helps you lose weight and get some energy. I'm not a big tea fan at all, but I Love the Lipton super fruit acai dragonfruit melon green tea (with 2 artificial sweeteners). Also try to have fun, hula hoop, jump rope, or hopscotch like you used to do as a kid and try to sing the songs that went with it.
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Treat it as if it were your job.

Losing weight and staying physically fit is the same as work. You gotta do it to stay alive and healthy.
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Hi katie,
For weight loss and motivation, keep your workout journal and measure your progress. Stay close to people who are motivates and follow balanced diet meal plan. Eat vegetables and fruits more in your daily meals and drink more water than routine.
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Try not to overdue the exercise , and dont forget to eat also, otherwise you will feel weak.give some days to your body to rest, and make some simple exercises like walking.you can go to walk with family, friends, still have an exercise, but also enjoy it, and wont kill all your energy.dont force yourself on food diet which you dont like, you wont be able to keep it.and mostly, dont try to lose too much weight in once, bad for body, skin.im losing 1 kg per week, or try too.dont get discouraged.the beginning is hard, if you failed one day, say next day will be better.oh, and even if it makes you feel bad, do write on your diary everything you eat, will help you next day, any day, and wont cheat yourself.good luck, and trust me, its hard work but if you really want it, you will make it!!believe in yourself!!   P.s.i dont go to gym, just walks, bikeing and some home exercise, still does the job. Believe :)
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