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hi. how are you i recently lost 10 pounds i am now  120 and i cant lose the last 10 pounds do you have any ideas to help? Also, I keep gaining the pounds and I exercise every night before i go to bed but my weight keeps increasing and decreasing i need to lose those last 10 pounds
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What types of food do you eat?  What type of exercise do you do?  Always doing the same type of exercise can cause your body to get used to it, so it's no longer a challenge.

How many calories do you eat?  I'd recommend that you start the food diary here on med help to calculate the number of calories you need daily and to keep track of how many calories you eat, along with the nutritional value of the food.  You might also start the weight and exercise trackers to keep up with the amount of exercise being done/calories burned.  

I don't know how tall you are -- are you sure you need to lose more weight?  
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Hi Barb135,
Thank you for replying to my message. I am 5'7. I actually dont eat any junkfood. I haven't had chocolate or pop in about a month. Now and then I eat a cookie but no more then 3 per week .I am very strict on my diet. Before I go to bed everyday I do 50 situps for upper abs, 20 side crutches for my obliques, 20 knee raises for my lower abs. But, I try to do different exercises each night. Like one night is all about abs and the next night is all about legs. I'm doing everything right but I'm not getting the results wanted. HELPP!!
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At 5'7" and 120 pounds, you are currently underweight and I would not advise losing any more.  I've copied a portion of a height/weight chart that pertains to you:

Height                    Small Frame             Medium Frame             Large Frame
5'7"                            123-136                    133-147                          143-163

You would do well to maintain where you are and continue with regular exercise and healthy eating.  
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