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weight loss

I'm john

my height is 5.9 inches in cms 189...my weight is 89 kilos ,i think i'm obessed ..i need to loose my weight .kindly give me some good suggestion ..and exercise tips and dieting ..what to eat and what to not .i'm non vegetarian.

                                                                                                                              THANK YOU.
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According to the charts, you should weigh about 176 for your height.  I put your 89 kilos to be about 195 lbs; is that right?

Assuming that you have not medical issues, the easiest, healthiest things you can do is implement a diet consisting of as many fresh/frozen fruits and veggies as possible; lean protein, low/no fat dairy, whole grains, and "good" fats.  For best results, eliminate products with refined (white) sugar, flour and rice.  

For sweeteners, you can try Stevia, agave nectar or a limited amount of honey.  For bread, switch to whole grain; switch to brown rice.  

Make sure you drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated.  

The next thing is exercise.  Try to get in at least 30 minutes/day of some sort of exercise.  This can be going to the gym, walking, playing sports, swimming, or any activity you enjoy.

Making several small, simple changes, one at a time, will be much better than trying to change everything all at once. The more drastic you get, the less likely you will be to stick with it.

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195 lbs yes ur right , i'll trying doing what u said,, and i even want to reduce my tummy it's growing bigger i'm worried a lot . any suggestions for this
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There are foods you can eat that fight belly fat, such as monounsaturated fats (those are the "good" fats found in olive oil, avocados, nuts, seeds, etc).  In addition, eating whole grains will help the digestive process and keep things moving through you body.

Exercise is also important, to keep the muscles toned.  You can't "spot reduce", but as you lose weight all over your body and tone your muscles, through exercise, your tummy should get smaller.
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Firstly, Thank You So much ,

I have an other question . how can i reduce my hips? U said if i loose weight my tummy will also get smaller. what about hips?
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You can't "spot" reduce; therefore, losing weight will also help your hips get smaller.  

In addition, exercise will tone the muscles, so it will work the same for your hips as it does for your tummy.

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Hi, im in the same boat * sigh im 5'2 and 75 kg for some reason my metabolism just decided to go on holiday and in one year ive uped 20kg!! My nutritionalist tells me to do as much cardio as possible, its the best in shedding weight, but as a man i think adding weights once or twice a week will help tramedously as well as it will help tone as u loose the weight and aid in the weight loss. her tips..Glass of ice water first thing in the morning will  kick start your metabalism, stick to fish, tuna lean chicken and plenty of green foods as has been said nuts avacardo and so forth as well as stay away from starches, suggars, flour and rice based foods. Anything liquid gets absorbed quickly and therfore used as energy burns up quicker like veggie juice, fruit juice ( but stay away from ones with added suggar) A glass of ice water before every meal will help fill you up so ur not as hungry ( as will vegetable juice) and help with not over indulging at meal times. Do u no about 40% of weight gain can be reduced by eliminating suggar from your diet? Any wayz Good Luck  with it and i hope ive helped some.
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If you gained that much weight in a year, you need to go get your thyroid tested.  Your thyroid controls metabolism and if thyroid function is off, you will gain weight quickly.  
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