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I m female and 18 years old ..my weight is 83 kg..i want to lose weight..my height is 4"9..I m really worried abt my weight and want to lose..how many calories should I daily consume in order to lose 13kg in 4 months...
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I want to lose weight without satrving as starvation increases weight
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Starvation doesn't necessarily increase weight i.e. if you starve long enough you will eventually lose; however, it's not healthy.

The number of calories you need on a daily basis is a calculation based on your current height, weight age and activity level.  You provided 3 of the parameters; how active are you?  
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I m not active at all...it had been a week now I have started exercising half an hour a day
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Btw I have started slim in 6 exercise program this week
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Your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is 1481 calories.  That means you need that many calories to maintain your current weight.   1 pound = 3500 calories, so in order to lose a pound a week, you have to eliminate or use 3500 calories in a week.  You can do that by cutting 500 calories/day, but that would make your caloric intake too little (never go below 1200 calories).  You can also cut 250 calories/day from your diet and use up 250 calories/day in exercise.  This is, by far, the best, and easiest, option.

I'm not familiar with "slim in 6" program, but if you enjoy it and it keeps you moving, go for it.  You can work into it slowly and gradually increase the time spent.  

Be sure to implement a healthy diet that contains a lot of protein, in the form of meats, chicken, fish, eggs dairy, beans, etc, along with plenty of veggies.  When you fix your plate, you should have it 1/2 full of veggies, 1/4 with protein and 1/4 with whole grains and a serving of dairy on the side.

Limit sugar, even from fruit, as that can spike your blood sugar levels and cause insulin, which is a fat storage hormone, to spike.

You might also ask your doctor to test your thyroid hormone levels to make sure you don't have hypothyroidism.  You might also want to get tested for insulin resistance and PCOS, which also make weight loss very difficult to impossible.
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Really!!I need 1481 calories to maintain my weight...on many websites
Including this app,my diet diary I found that I need 1800 calories to maintain my weight
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