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weight problems?

For the last 3 years I have been eating almost nothing during the day and then consumin most of my calories at night.  Consequently i have gained alot of weight (I went from 54kg to 69kg, and I am 1.76m or 5'9).  In the last few months, however, I have really been struggling with my eating and since I have alot of exam stress I turn to food to suppress the emotions and stress.  I had anorexia between the ages of 10 and 20 (I am 23 now) and since then it is almost as though I have 'forgotten' how to eat properly and now I can only alternate between eating nothing or bingeing.  At the moment I feel so uncomfortable in my body and have gone from a size 10 (UK-size 6 US) to a size 12 (UK-size 8 US).  Because of this I have had a relapse and am more depressed than ever.  I have no idea what I should do and how to lose the weight that I so desperately need to lose.
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Since I'm not familiar with kg vs pounds and I'm certainly not a math whiz, I did a quick search to make the conversion of kg to pounds (thank you for converting m. to f - that saved me another search.. lol).  Anyway, my search that told me that you went from 118.8 pounds (54 kg) to 151.8 pounds (69 kg).

Another search brought up a height/weight chart and I find the following:

Height            Small Frame          Medium Frame             Large Frame
5'9"                   129-142                   139-153                     149-170

Wow - what a job THAT was.  lol

Now, to the practical stuff.  You are NOT over weight.  At 5'9" and 118 pounds, you were significantly underweight for ANY size frame.  Even if you have a large frame, you are pretty close to where you should be.  

I know it might be hard but you need to eat several small meals every day.  Make sure you get plenty of protein and fiber each time you eat.  This will help fill you up so maybe you won't binge.  

You also don't mention if you exercise.  A moderate exercise program is necessary to maintain weight AND it helps energize you and keeps you in a better frame of mind.  

Good luck.  

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