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why cant I lose weight?

Hello all,

Im really frustrated trying to lose 5-10 lbs. I Work out (cardio/pilates) 2 hrs a day. eat lots of fruit and veggies, calorie intake is around 1300, and all for around 3 months now.  I cant seem to lose anything. any ideas why or what I could do for that.
Please help, im concidering surgical options if i cant do this.
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Hey Penny,, I feel your frustration as I TOO am just TRYING TO shed 5 to 10 pounds... not ALOT of weight to loose but enough that would make me FEEL better..  and I just can't seem to.. I power walk  2 miles EVERYDAY.plus ride my horse and for the LIFE of me I'm STUCK...

I've  always ate healthy and have even cut back on my healthy eating.. so, My thought is just that I'm gonna be FAT AND FIFTY (but HEALTHY)...
I was gonna try Slim Quick but after reading the reviews decided against it as it seems to be all hype...marketing...

Let me know if you find a way to SHED that 5-10 pounds as I'd LOVE to be able to.

Good Luck and IF nothing else THINK SKINNY!

Norco Queen

P.S. I am a "recoverying pill person"  been clean for 87 days and one of my thoughts is that maybe my BODY is STILL trying to FIND it's self....Not sure about that though.
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It is funny you mention the pills, because for the last 3 months ive been trying different ones to no avail. ARGGGH. I eat so healthy and work out hard and is so frustrating. If you find anything that works as well:)
Thanks for the support!
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Hello penny 10 and NorcoQueenoftheUniverse ... am so pleased to see you posting in the community.  Looked at both your profiles and see that Penny has started using the Food Diary.  In reviewing the day I see posted, may I most respectfully suggest that you start combining some lean proteins, fresh/frozen fruits and vegetables, low fat dairy, complex carbohydrates.  The same would be true for you NorcoQueen, and may I suggest you begin using the Food Diary as it will give you an accurate account of what you are eating.

In addition, if you will implement the exercise, weight and mood trackers ... along with the food diary ... this gives us a clear picture on how to provide you with the information needed to break your plateau and move you forward in your journey.  To target 5-10 pounds is most doable and we're here to support you.  Remember, the calories that are figured in the Food Diary are to "maintain" your weight, you must lower that by 3,500 calories for each pound you wish to lose and or increase your exercise or the intensity of your exercise to burn calories to lose.  

Once you have done your Food Diary for a week and hopefully implemented these other trackers, we'll be able to point you in the right direction to achieve your goals.  Remember ... one day at a time ... and it will come off slowly (1-1 1/2 lbs per week) with a week every now and then that you plateau.

Remember to change up your exercise!  Your body quickly adapts to an exercise routine, so surprise it with new things every day.  Walking, riding a bicycle, swimming, tennis, kick ball, jump rope, hula hoop, dancing, aerobics, pilates, yoga ... keep experiencing new things to invigorate yourself and find some new hobbies you may like!

Hope to hear from you both very soon and welcome, welcome, welcome to the WL&D community.  Norco, please join the community and CONGRATULATIONS on your 87 days!!!  You should be so proud of you!!!

Love and Hugsss ..
I'm in the same boat been trying to lose 15lbs for the past 3 months and at my Dr visit last Thursday I was surprised to find out I gained 4 lbs.  What is going on?  My thyroid tests came back normal so I can't blame that, I was hoping it would be out of whack but no not here.  Now I tried the Alli diet pill, maybe that will help.  I'm down to about 1000 calories a day, I just started this on Monday.  Very disgusted, and I will never stop saying this, "Thyroid disease destroyed my life".  I truly mean that
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Hi Ranae,

Thank you for the suggestions, Can I ask you more about what you mean with my diet. I am under 1,000 cal intake, and I dont feel comfortable adding food to my day. Am I not getting enough? Why am i not then losing weight if so. Honestly I dont want to gain muscle, I feel that I have muscle, I just want to lean and thin out. And I do alot of different excersizes as well. Are there protien out there that dont have a lot of calories?
Thanks so much!
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Just off the top of my head, you are not eating enough calories so your body is going into starvation mode and holding onto the weight.  

Please send me, either here or in a private message, your height, weight, age, sex (male or female) and activity level ... (sedentary, somewhat active, active, very active).  I'll help you calculate the calories you should be eating to LOSE 1-2 pounds a week.

A good protein will add some calories, but you need some calories (I believe .. will know when we look at your stats).  

To lean out and thin out .. you may want to try yoga, pilates, stretching, resistance bands .. they will not "bulk" you up but help lean your muscles.

Looking forward to hearing from you.  ;)
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Hello Ranae,

And thank you so much for your time to help me. I really appreciate it, May I ask, Is your profession in this field?
I am Female, 5'11", 140 lbs, and i would say very active-work out 2 hours 5 days a week and 1 hr on the weekend. I Run, do Pilates, and do aerobic and light weight vidoes.
I want to lose 10 lbs, I eat about the same things everyday, but vary the fruits and veggies.
Thanks again!
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Hi Penny ..

This is not my profession, but I consider it my honor and privilege to pay forward the kindness and assistance others gave to me.  While I worked in the medical field (not as a professional) I learned all the answers but was never able to implement them.  Personally, it took the love, caring and steadfast friendship of a few caring people to believe in me for me to believe in myself and do the work.  My life was changed forever.

I will be happy to look up the statistics for you, and assume (always afraid to do that) that you are female.  Howeover, I still need your age.  

Will be out till this afternoon but will look for your answer and then get back to you.  Thanks for being an active participant .. (((Hugs)))
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Sorry, Im 23 yr old female.
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Hello again, It really is confusing me, because I always thought if you burn off more calories then you take in you will lose weight, So adding food to my diet really gives me anxiety. Can you explain more on what you think I should do?
Thanks again!
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If you don't give your body enough calories, it will think there won't be enough to sustain the vital processes (heart, kidneys, etc), so it will hold onto fat in preparation --- called the "starvation mode" that Ranae referred to.  

I did a quick search for height/weight -- does not take into consideration your age or activity level - and copied it below........

Height                Small Frame              Medium Frame             Large Frame
  5'11"                    135-148                      145-159                      155-176

At 5'11", 140 pound female, it does not appear that you are overweight at all.  Even if you have a small frame, you are right in the middle of the range; for medium/large frame you are actually UNDER weight...........

I'd also like to point out that not all exercise will make you "bulk up" with muscle.  You need a variety of exercise -- as Ranae suggested - pilates, yoga, etc....that's not necessarily to BUILD muscle, but to maintain/tone.....

Good luck........
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Hi Barb,

Thank you for the info. I know im not overweight, but I am still trying to lose just 5-10 lbs, and stumped as to to why from my excersize and healthy eating. Ive always been a very healthy eater and active, but the added excersize was in attept to lose a little more, and did not know why it would not work.
What should I do anyone- eat more to lose weight?? It sounds wrong to me.
Thanks again
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I agree with Ranae that you aren't eating enough calories - or the right kind of calories.  And sometimes, it's harder to lose just 5-10 pounds than it would be if you had 20-30 pounds to lose.  

You can add foods in the form of lean protein and low/no fat dairy (the calcium in dairy is said to aid weight loss) and still add calories, but not fat.  But then you still need the "good" fat - monounsaturated - such as that found in olive oil, avocados, some nuts, etc.  

If you don't give your body enough of the nourishment it needs, it will hold onto what it has already.  
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