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why wont it work

Hey I need some good advice bc I've been trying to lose weight and it just will not work ave tryed every diet. Walking. Exercise.lifting weights.calorie counting.not eating. Diet pills. I drink water like crazy and exercise and walk. Everyday. And I only eat 400 calories a day which is usually only 3 meals a day. Someone got any comment. What else is there for me to do?
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Hi, Losing weight is a tricky issue. First of all your being on such a restricted calorie intake is not going to be in your favour to lose weight. Females need 2000 calories a day. (give or take 500 depending on lifestyle, age and non pregnant) This is the MINIMUM you need just to be alive! When you restrict down to only 400 your body then believes it is in a famine and will not let you lose weight. It then lays down fat in storage and then uses this to survive. Your brain alone takes 20% of your daily calorie intake!
The above is not having a go at you, rather it is to educate you.
  You need protein to allow the energy needed to sustain exercise. Chicken is especially good for this. Not deep fried KFC, of course! There are many sites you can look at to find healthy eating plans to suit your taste and likes.

  Secondly, if after you have a good calorific diet and find after a few weeks you are still not losing any weight, I suggest you get a thyroid panel done. Many hypothyroid patients find they can't lose weight ( I am one of them who struggles with keeping the weight off and down)

  Also steer clear of the diet pills. Many contain high levels of iodine which is not a good thing. Keep the water intake up but don't over do it. Weigh yourself in the morning after a pee, and no drinks. One litre (33.8 ounces) of water equals one kilo of weight. (2.2lbs)

Another thing, if you know your height, check online to see ideal weight to height ratio. You might find you may only need to lose a few pounds rather than thinking you need to lose alot.

So be aware low calories is not going to make you lose weight. Good calorie diet (meaning your food!) is going to help, and get your thyroid levels checked!

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This red headed American agrees.  Your calories are WAAAAAY too low and your metabolism has stalled.  Go up to 2000, and add protein, and drink plenty of water.  Then.  Try kettlebells.  You will get a total body workout.  Try to find an instructor or a class in your area and take a class or two just to make sure your form is correct.  Then you can buy a dvd from an RKC certified instructorr to use at home.  You can locate a trainer (and dvd's) on the Dragon Door ******* website.

I don't know what your fitness goals are, but I can almost guess that your workouts aren't intense enough to be doing you any good.

You don't say how old you are or your fitness level.  More important than your BMI is your percentage of Body Fat.  That is a good indicator of your body composition.  Measurements are based on a ratio, and they do not differentiate between muscle and fat.  Get your numbers.  Get the facts.  Educate yourself and do the proper work and the weight will come off while you tone yourself up.
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Have you tried going cold turkey on all sugar? Try no eating any high fructose corn syrup for one month. Read the back of all the food you intake and if it has this in it, do not eat it. I guarantee it will help you drop the lbs! A study done at UCLA has proven reducing fat in your diet does not give the same results as if you take out the high fructose corn syrup. Hope this helps
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