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will my skin tighten up after my desired weightloss?

My mom Said that it will because im so young. but I need an outside opinion. I'm 300 pounds (I know Im big please no rude comments) Im going to lose about 120 pounds. I don't think I'm going to get any taller. I've been the same height for a couple of years now. Will the skin tighten up or am I doomed for surgery?
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I saw a video on youtube of weight loss journeys..at first they had strechmarks. But not yet sure if they skin tightened...
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There is no guarantee that you will have no loose skin at all, but slow, steady weight loss from exercise and a healthy diet (nothing extreme) is your best option. Losing the weight slowly gives your skin time to regain it's elasticity. Exercise helps you tone up as well which again should help the skin tighten.

I'm no expert, this is just what I've read! But I do wish you all the best and hope it works out for you!
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Hi! There are no guarantees but don't be disheartened at first. It takes the body a little while to absorb excess skin.  A good friend of mine lost about 250 pounds at 48 years of age.  She did have a tummy tuck but surprisingly she didn't have as much extra skin as I thought she would. She had major surgery so she had very rapid weight loss so we were expecting a lot more extra skin.  The surgeon wouldn't do the tummy tuck until one year after she hit her weight loss goal. By the time the one year came around what she thought was going to be a arm/rear/belly/boobs just ended up being a tummy tuck and a minor breast lift.  Keep in mind she was almost 50 and lost 250 pounds!  What program/diet/excerisze regimen are you going for may I ask?  
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I'm working out about 5 days out.of the week. I do different things mostly Jillian Michaels stuff she has alot of cardio and toning. I eating healthy when I can (it's expensive lol) and if what I'm eating is unhealthy I eat small portions and the lots of water. I was on a wehightloss journey before and I noticed that my stomach was definitely toughening up but unfortunately I got discouraged and gain the 30 pounds I had lost back. So here I am trying again.
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I agree with the others that there is no guarantee that you won't have loose skin, but think of the other benefits of losing the weight.

Eating healthy isn't a lot more expensive than eating junk food.  A bag of potato chips is over $4 and for that same $4, you can buy plenty of salad fixings, or milk, eggs or other healthy options.  Talk to your parents and ask them to be sure there are healthy choices for you to eat, so you don't have to resort to junk food.
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