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Any Advice

Well I'm 25year old, my height is 5' 0 and right now I weigh about 195/200. I been doing Hip Hop Abs and Turbo Jam workouts for awhile and I'm also taking SmartBurn diet pills but I don't see much of a weight loss. My weight problem started when I finish high school and my weight was 150 by then.  I want to lose at least 50 or 60 pounds before my wedding date (June 12, 2010) and I doing the workout videos but why I don't see a good amount of weight lost. Can it be the diet pills I taking that making me stay still on my weight?
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Great job with the exercise videos - but I suggest that you lose the diet pills.  You really don't know what you're taking - they're not supervised by the FDA - so there's always some risk involved.

Have you also taken a careful look at what you're eating?  Starting a food diary is a cheap and easy way to get a broad look at things and decide where you want to make some changes.  And also make sure you're not "rewarding" yourself after a workout with an unhealthy snack!

Dr. Beckerman
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