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I have been stuck in a plateau for more than 6 months now ! I have tried everything: increasing exercise, lowering calories, changing the types of food I eat.... What can I do to break through this plateau? I am a female and my body fat is about 6.14% ( or so they say) maybe a little more, would this be preventing weight loss?
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Hi Jessica!  

?? With a body fat percentage of 6% DO you have fat to lose?  Maybe you have arrived!   Here's a body fat chart:


What do you think about that?    I'd be scared you'd be losing muscle if you lose anymore.  How is your diet?  
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I had a lipo shot at a weight loss clinic. It helps boost your metabolism which helps with burning fat and calories. Its great. I have lost 15 lbs in 2 weeks!
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what is a lipo shot!  I want one!
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Its a lipotropic shot. They give them at weight loss centers, maybe even try your primary doctor to see if they have them. It boosts your metabolism and it makes it easier to lose weight.
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