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Feeling Guilty about eating...

I'm not too fat but I'm kinda flabby,  like every teenager, I wish I was thinner. When I see the digits clock down on the scales it makes me feel good about myself. Recently, I've started not eating very much; not a tiny amount, just so I still feel hungry. Sometimes I'll forget and have a biscuit or something. I had one just now and I feel horrible about it. I feel really guilty like I've let myself down. I feel super fat and really depressed like I should just give up.
If I wasn't terrified of vomiting then I wish I could just sick it back up. Like turning back time and un-eating it. I know it won't make a huge difference to my weight but I feel really weak and easily persuaded.
It's making me really sad and whenever anyone mentions food I feel sick. I'm constantly worrying about it and every-time I eat something I feel really angry at myself.
I don't know what to do about it. I know this is probably normal teenage behaviour but I miss being able to eat something without worrying about it making me heavy. How do I stop myself feeling like this?
Please help, I'm desperate!
Thank-you so much if you can help me,
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i feel exactly the same!
whenever i look at my legs i think i need to lose wieght even though im not fat. and i want to but now almost anything i eat i regret it.
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