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HCG Diet...I dont understand how to start the progam!

I recently purchaged HCG and I dont understand how it works.  Am I supposed to start the drops and eat fatty foods for a certain amount of days before I start the 500 calories diet or do I eat a lot and then start the drops and the 500 calories diet right away?  I'm so confused...please help!
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The drops don't work!
The 500 calorie diet does, but I don't recommend it - the pounds will come right back once you've been off the diet for a little while.  It's not sustainable!
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hi. i am current in p2 of the diet protocol. for the first 2 days you will take the drops as well as eat as much as you can. that is phase 1. after taht you begin phase 2, where you drop to the 500 calorie diet. you should do this for 21-40 days depending on your weight loss needs. then you will enter phase 3. this is the maintenance phase and it is very important. you will consume 1500 caloris a day but still avoid sugars and starches. after 21 days you will slowly start to introduce starch and sugars into your daily routine. as you do this is helps your body to maintain its healthy weight and not imediately make you blow up if you do eat something wrong. people who gain their weight back don't do the mainenance phase correctly. i wish you the best of luck!
btw. i am currently on day 10 of phase 2 and i am down 11lbs! it really does work. also, my mother in law did a 30 day round and lost 40lbs!
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