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Hi. My name is Robert and I am a cab driver. I work 12 to 15 hours a day, 7 days a week. 5 years ago I gave 6 1/2 feet of my small intestine to my little boy in a transplant at UIC Medical Center, Chicago. Currently I weigh 295 lbs and am only 5'8" tall. The reason I mentioned the transplant is that I am severely lactose intolerant now (not even a candy bar). I have a 50" waist and a huge belly from being inactive in the cab for so long. Yes I could get out and walk around the cab, but I may miss a call on the radio. I can't really walk the way I need to anyway because if I do get a call, who wants to be in a cab with a sweaty cab driver. I have high blood pressure being managed by hydrochlorothiazide. It stays right around 132/86. At the cab stand there are soda and snack machines. There are millions of convenience stores and restaurants around that make for a quick grab-n-eat. I honestly get violently ill if I eat raw vegetables, and if I can stomach a salad I have to douse it with dressing in order to keep it down. I don't mind drinking water a lot, however it just makes my meals run through me much faster because of my short-gut. I am miserable with all of these, "whatever's". Everybody hounds me and calls them excuses. I generally think they are obstacles. Can anyone out there help my unique problem.
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