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Honey for weight loss

As many women my age I am having a weight loss problem.  I did some looking on the internet in regard to this.  One article said to have two teaspoons of honey before you go to bed; apparently this is supposed to improve your metabolism, another article says that you should drink a teaspoon of honey in warm water when you first get up in the morning.  Apparently the use of honey is supposed to help with weight problems.  Is this true?  I appreciate any information that you can give me.  My weight problem is really affecting me, I would say, with self image of myself.  Thank you.
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Thanks for your comment!  I have scrutinized every weight loss quick fix out there as part of my research for The Flex Diet - and I don't believe eating honey is a great solution.  Jaquta makes some great points about small changes in diet, activity, and lifestyle.  Think about it in the longer term.  Take care!
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I've never heard this one before.  I'm not sure that loading up on calories before bedtime would be that helpful.  In the morning I guess the same rationale can be applied to eating breakfast.

I personally would be looking to make simple changes without looking elsewhere for quick fixes.  In my experience they don't work and may even do more harm/ damage.

The doctor here has some useful tips in one of his blogs.  You may like to start by reading those.  The food diary always seems like a good place to start.

There may be medical reasons so a visit to a doctor could be helpful.  They can also provide additional advice regarding weight loss.  
It worries me when people say that weight affects their self-image.  I guess I get a bit overzealous but I think psychotherapy can help with that.

Good luck!
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Thank you for your answer and the doctor's answer also.  I guess the saying is true "when something sounds too good to be true it usually is."

I would also like to address self-image as I am sure that there are many people that also feel this way.  Unless one experiences it.....the self image about weight is much more than that.  I know I have experienced comments on my looks, my shyness, my ability to express my feelings and much more, so why would I and people who have experienced some of the things I experienced and much more serious things not have a good self image.

Lucky for me I am seeing someone and I am trying to get a handle on my self image.  Look I have expressed my feelings, a really big step for me!  

So one again thank you for your answer and those who have self-image problems just try to keep working on them.
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I forgot to mention that some people also have allergies to bees, bee pollen, etc.  I assumed that it wasn't a problem as I doubt you would be entertaining the thought if it was a concern.
I like how the doctor is able to summarize everything and communicate it in a way that makes sense.  I'm a little intrigued about all those other weight loss quick fixes.

It's good that you're getting support to help you address your issues.
I think self-image probably affects most people to varying degrees.  (Probably even the doc here too as he has experimented with several photos.  Maybe that's just a guy thing??).  I don't know why I still bother to try and understand that.  ??
I don't think it's necessarily the comments that are so important but how we perceive them.  I know I am extremely sensitive and if people either criticize or compliment me I feel self-conscious, anxious and perceive the comments as negative.  It doesn't do a lot for self-esteem or self-image.
I think sometimes when we experience adversity, especially ongoing adversity, we start to doubt ourselves and our ability.  This can affect our self-confidence, our mood, our willingness to participate, etc.  It affects a lot of things.
Learning to observe and describe thoughts and feelings is very empowering.

I think the one big thing that has helped my self- everything really has been acceptance.  Being accepted for who I am, where I am, etc.  Not needing to be someone else or somewhere else.  Just being.

I feel a little guilty recommending other resources on this site but the doctor on the emotional expert forum had some great advice.  Not sure if he is still posting but he has a website (shrinkyourself.com).  I've found that very useful for weight loss and insights into myself.

I was just thinking.  I think in some instances the negative experiences and adversity are what allow me to be so forthright.  (Posting anonymously on the internet helps too.)
I just feel like my privacy has been violated and encroached upon (mainly by health professionals) and there is nowhere else to go but to be open and honest.
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I was just thinking that a lot of Dr Beckerman's patients must make changes out of fear.  Probably I would too if I were told I had major heart health issues.
For me, understanding what is driving me to overeat is important.  What are the emotions?  What am I thinking and feeling?  What am I trying to avoid or defend against?
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Thanks so much for your comments.  You don't know how lucky you are that you can face everything in your life with acceptance.  I guess I have been beat down so much that it is hard to to have acceptance.  I never thought I would get to this point in my life about myself, but unfortunately, I did.

Back to the honey, which started all this.  Isn't it amazing how one thing can lead to another...from honey to self esteem...I am reading a good book about weight loss.  It is probably one of those crazy diets that include honey, but to be honest with you it is very thought provoking and it really makes a lot of sense.  It does stress exercise and eating right, but than I guess all of the diets stress exercise and eating right.

Well, nice emailing with you, I will take your advice and hopefully everything in my life with take a good 360.
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I think I am still in denial about many things.  Self-acceptance and self-compassion are things that sometimes need to be worked on.

I got to a very low point myself where my sense of self-worth was incredibly low.  I use to think that even those who had abused me were more deserving of life.  I use to have this scenario in my head where you and others are hanging off the edge of a mountain.  Would you choose to save yourself or others?  I use to feel guilty for being alive when so many others were either dead or dying.

Sorry, I did digress.  If something feels like a good fit for you then most likely it has some things that can be helpful.  While you are reading about weight loss this forum expert has written a book which is due out in January 2011 (that's the date given by his profile).  It could be worth looking at too when it is available.

It is interesting what we take from posts and where they lead us.

I would advise taking the experts advice over mine.  He has more experience and expertize.  (Maybe not at being overweight but about helping and advising others.)

Good luck with everything.
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