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How can I get a bigger upper body

I am 16, 130 pounds so Im pretty skinny, especially in the arm and chest area, so my question is, how can I get bigger arms and a bigger upper bodu with a super fast metabolism. I do not own weights and can't afford to go to the gym, so what kind of diet or weight free exercises can I do to get bigger. Thank you!
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Regarding the exercise you could try doing press-ups, pull-ups, tricep dips, etc.  I don't think using canned foods, etc would necessarily give you the look you want but they would help you to develop some muscle tone.  Usually to bulk up, large weights are often used with a low number of repetitions (compared to toning where many reps are done with light weights).
Some may argue that 16 is still too young to be doing any sort of strength training.

Maybe a sport that utilizes the upper body could be an option.

I personally believe you should aim for balance and not just bulk up one area which could lead to muscle imbalances and injuries.

A healthy diet is important, especially for growing individuals.  
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