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Hi. I'm 19 years old. My weight is 182 lbs with a height of 163 cm. I want to lose weight to have a healthy lifestyle. But I have this desire to eat especially when I'm stressed out. Also I lack self discipline? What can I do to lose weight?
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Hello! Find time every day to do some form of exercise: walking, yoga, etc. Also drink a lot of water and start taking a multi-vitamin, Cod Liver Oil pills, Omega 3 Fish Oil pills, Vitamin C, etc...and drink water and green tea. I'm very busy w/ school and my problem is that I always feel hungry. I made a doc appt and I'm getting a prescription for Adipex, it's an appetite suppressant and helps you loose weight...you'll loose weight even if you do not exercise, but will see better results if you change your diet to smaller/healthier portions/foods and exercise daily. I hope I was able to help! Take care! :)
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Thank you so much. Is Apidex an over the counter drug or I need a prescription for it?
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I agree with HellokittyFan that exercises and balanced diet are very important. But don't depend too much on medicine. Actually yoga is a pretty good way of keeping your figure. You can find plenty of free stuff out there, eg. www.yogaathome.asia, www.yogahome.come, etc etc. I personally practise yoga for a few years and so far so good
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