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I admit I am addicted to junk food

I am layed off from work.  I am sad all day.  I need advice on how not to hit junk food.  I can not afford to go get my meds for diabetes and so I know I have to quit eating.  Can someone help me be a better me.
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If you have a source of income, as soon as it comes in you should get the meds or set some aside for meds.  There is no excuse for not managing your diabetes.

You could possibly start by structuring your day (and I don't mean eat, sleep, watch TV).  Having a To Do List and crossing things off can sometimes help give your day meaning.  It can also help you to feel as though you have achieved something.

Dr Beckerman has some excellent tips for weight loss on his blog if you're interested.

Also, I feel there is a strong emotional eating element so asking the doctor on the emotional eating expert forum possibly wouldn't hurt.  He also has a website (shrinkyourself.com) if you're interested.

Other than advising you to get some professional help I can't really advise.
Currently I'm binge eating very badly and if I knew of an easy way, anyway actually, I would do it.  The eat less/ do more approach isn't effective as I can't seem to put it into practice.

How do we break this cycle?

You may find that you stop over-eating or eating the wrong foods once you address your mood issues.  ??
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Eliminate the competition.........................
If the food is not in the house you won't eat it.
I am diabetic too. Walk, walk, walk. Its free and easy. You need to move. And if you are walking its less time at home to eat right!!
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