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Impossible to lose weight?

I am 21 years old, and I think I am oncapable of losing weight. I work out 6 days a week, with lots of cardio and weight intervals. I eat very little, having two protein meal replacement shakes a day. I have been very strict with my routine for about 2 months. I havnt weighed myself at all until today and I have gained 2 pounds. This always happens to me. I havn lost weight in years and I've been trying constantly. I've been on every diet in the book and nothing works. It's not muscle either, because my measurements are the same and my clothes don't fi any differently. I am really depressed all the time because I'm tires of being fat. I work out constantly and still have the body of someone who lays around all day eating donuts. I desperately want to lose 20 pounds. Please someone help me!
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This might be a silly question...but what's your real goal?  Getting healthier?  Getting more fit?  Getting off blood pressure medication?  Is this weight loss goal realistic or appropriate for your height and build?

Find your problem first.  But make sure that it has a healthy solution.
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By the sound of it, you might have actually lost some fat and gained some muscle mass. Since muscle is more dense than fat it could have easily replaced the fat in certain areas of your body. People can retain the same measurements in clothing regardless of slight weight gain or loss. If this is not the case, the protein meal shakes may have something to do with your weight gain. Protein shakes are actually not good for weight loss and are used primarily to gain body mass which may then be converted into muscle. Also certain brands of protein shakes actually have a high level of carbohydrates in them which could result in your weight gain. I suggest you cut out the protein shakes for a fortnight and keep up the cardio and also try to get some time on a treadmill as they are very effective in losing weight.
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It sounds lie your body has gone into starvation mode. You`re not allowing yourself the calories you need in a day to function properly and your metabolism slows down and your body hold son to everything you put into your body. Go find a calorie intake calculator. see how many you need a day to maintain your current weight and then take 500 calories off. That way you can lose a lb a week. Also up your exercise and track it make sure to burn at least 500 a day. Counting calories eaten and burned are very effective. Try to eat 3 meals and three snacks a day. Also cut back on health shakes. those are great for a meal on a go when needed but try to stick to healthy natural foods. This is the plan i`ve been on for a month and ive lost 8 lbs. best of luck.
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do exactly what lexi2929 told you..you have to burn more calories that you eat.
try to substitute things like bacon for turkey bacon for example...on the omelets, make 2 egg yellows and 2 egg white..this will cut a lot f calloeries and you will feell very full.proteins make you feel full.everytime you eat a sandwich, take off 1 of the bread.bun.i also buy for me the 45 cal whead bread..you can find on any albertsons.a good shake is the pure protei, it has no carbs...be careful with the protrin bars, they are fullllll of calories...sodas, only the diet ones.and be careful with calories...make a list of everything you like and tak note of th ecalories...you will be really 'scary'of how many caloeries we eat a day...another thing that help is having a salad before yiou eat,it helps to make you full.be carefull with the dresings, they have a lot of calories.cardio (interval cardio, 15 to 30 minutes) and some lifting weight keep your metabolism going..I promise that if you follow this in less than a month you will see the difference!!!!.magazines such as oxymag ans rh fitness can give you a lot of exercises programs..hope I can help.good luck:0)
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