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Inability to lose weight

Hi, I'm a bit confused.  I've been eating healthy for several years and noticed I have been gaining weight.  I don't drink sodas, alcohol, eat sweet or chips, no ice cream.  I drink fat free milk, I eat egg whites only, chicken and fish only, lots of fruit and vegetables,  no rice, no pasta just 100% whole wheat bread.  I don't use butter or sour cream.  If I treat myself to any of these its very sporatic.  I also work out 45 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes 5 days a week.  I used to work out 2 hours a day.  Still no weight loss.  I try to keep my caolries to 1200 or less a day.  I keep cutting more and more out of my diet and now life has become very boring.  

What am I doing wrong?
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Food diary is a great idea.  Sometime we end up eating larger portions than we recognize.  Your overall diet sounds balanced and healthy, and your exercise regimen is impressive.  You also have to consider the role that PCOS could be playing - this is definitely worth discussing with your doctor and also making sure you have excluded any other hormonal abnormalities (like hypothyroidism) that could be contributing.

Also keep in mind that weight is a number - you can be healthy even with a higher weight/BMI that you would ideally like.  Muscle is more dense than fat too, so if you have a muscular body type, you could weigh more and still look great.  Take care.
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Do you have the Food Diary added to your Med Help profile?  I've found that this is a great adjunct to our efforts to improve health and lose weight.  Be brutally honest with yourself and write down every bite, nibble, and "taste" that goes in your mouth.

I'll throw in my 2 cents that you are probably not eating enough for the amount of exercise you are doing.   Sometimes you have to eat a bit more in order to allow your body lose fat.

How tall are you, how much do you weigh?  Have you used the BMI calculator?  This will help a lot.  On any meds that could contribute to weight gain?

Add the Food Diary and the Exercise Tracker, and be aware of how many calories you are expending vs taking in.   Its easily as important to eat ENOUGH for the amount of exercise, as it is to restrict in the manner you have been doing.

Don't get discouraged!  Track what you eat and how much you exercise, and see what it looks like.  And please do post back with your height and weight.  Sometimes you are in a normal range, and you may be trying to force your body to do something that is unwise.

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I'm 4 feet and 11-1/2 inches.  I weight 137, my BMI is 127 I think.   I am being treated for either Metabolic Sydrome or Polycystic Ovarian Disease with Metformin.  I've tracked my diet before but some of the other programs were so time consuming, so I just eat basically the same every day.  

Everyone in my family on both sides are thin and eat whatever they want and drink alcohol.  I don't do either.  I've alway been thin all my life but after age 35 I started gaining weight excessively and immediately started eating healthier because my father died at 49 from heart disease, my husband almost died at 49 two years ago from heart disease so we had to start eating even healthier.  

I will try the Food Diary and the Exercise Tracker.
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I just found out 2 months ago I have Polycyctic Ovarian Sydrome/Disease.  I later had an ultrasound on my ovaries and it was confirmed.   I was put on Metformin and now my Triglycerides went from 167 to 72, my LDL went from 127 to 119.  I lost 10 lbs.   Several years of going to the doctor and finally I find one that could help me.  Even my blurred vision is gone and I noticed my headaches were fewer.  I hope this will help others.  Diet and exercise may not be working because of an underlying medical condition.  I've never heard of PCOS
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