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Is this a good Starter Workout?

I posted a question a week or two ago asking about whether it was ok for me to start weight training during my fat loss fitness plan. Dr. Beckerman told me that it wasn't a bad idea, so this is what I cam up with. Please give me your feedback and suggestions.
Chest and Cardio
- Bench Press   3(sets) x 12-15(reps)
- Incline Dumbell Press   3 x 12-15
- Flys   3 x 12-15
- 35 mins on cardio + 5 min cool down
- 50 mins of cardio + 10 min cool down
Legs and Cardio
- Squats or Lunges (Alternate Weekly)   3 x 12-15
- Leg Extensions   3 x 12-15
- Leg Curls   3 x 12-15
- 35 mins of cardio + 5 min cool down
- 50 mins of cardio + 10 mins of cool down
Back and Cardio
- Lat Pull Down   3 x 12-15
- Seated Cable Row   3 x 12-15
- Back Extensions   3 x 12-15
- 35 mins of cardio + 5 min cool down
Abs and Cardio
- Crunches   3 x 20-25
- Leg Lifts   3 x 20-25
- Trunk Twist   3 x 20-25
- Bicycle   3 x 20-25
(this ab workout will vary weekly based on my progress)
- 40 mins of cardio + 5 min cool down

Keep in mind that my main goal is to lose 100 lbs total of FAT. That is why cardio is still a main part of my workout. I have lost about 35lbs since I started my cardio regiment but I want to make sure I dont get that flabby loose skin once I am losing fat. That is why I am starting a mild workout plan that will help tone the muscles under the skin and fat. I will slowly ease into more weight lifting as the fat to muscle ratio becomes more even. The reason I chose this workout is because it targets the biggest muscle areas on the body (Chest, Back, Legs, and abs). Once I lose more fat, i will start branching off into smaller subsets of each category and target other muscles more specifically.

My questions is: Is this a good workout to start off with? Should I do the split muscle routine and let the muscles rest more or should I target all groups each time i do a weight training effort?
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This looks fantastic!

I'd emphasize lower weights, especially to start, to lower your risk of injury.  Remember that you're looking for tone rather than bulk.  Congratulations on a great start - keep us posted on your success!
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