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Lost weight but blood test now much better?!

I am 57, female. Six months ago I had yearly checkup, weighed in at 205, Chol 236, Tri 109, HDL 60, LDL 154, Risk Ratio 2.57. The motivation I needed, I guess.  Same day I joined Curves, and started eating healthy. I read a lot about health and fitness, no fad diets, etc. Was proud that after 6 months, I've lost 30 lbs slow and steady, eat healthy and exercise regularly. Thought that 6 month check-up would be much improved. But it wasn't. This time Chol was 222, Tri 121, HDL 49, LDL 149, Risk Ratio 3.04.   Why?  Total Chol still in the "abnormal" range, Tri went up, HDL went down??, LDL went down only 5 points, and my Risk Ratio went up?     Wouldn't 6 months have been enough time tos make a more positive difference?    I'll get with a nutritionist where I work to go over what I do eat to see if anything is "wrong", but I am just so disappointed in the results.    It won't keep me from continuing to eat as healthy as I can and exercise regularly anyway. But gee, I thought I was going to have a result to be proud of with my doctor.  I'm set for another blood test in 3 months to discuss it all with her then, but was just surprised by the results I received in the mail today.   Ideas?
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I can see why you're frustrated!

The before/after blood tests don't exhibit any significant differences, despite small changes up or down for the various elements.  It's true that for some people, lifestyle changes can only make small (if any) differences in their cholesterol profiles.  It's hard to say why they might make a difference for one person and not another.  But keep in mind that your numbers aren't off the charts - your Triglycerides are normal, your HDL is pretty good, and your LDL is still below 160.  Based upon your other risk factors, your doctor still might consider putting you on a low dose statin medication, but I really wouldn't let this get in the way of the awesome changes you've already made - you've reduced your risk and enhanced your life, despite what the numbers may show!
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I was unable to correct my original post's title. I meant to say that I had lost weight but my newest blood test was NOT much better.  Thought there would have to be an improvement if one really ate healthy during that period of time.  Still hoping for comments.
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I'm sorry your results weren't as you would have liked.
You're doing lots of things right and that is commendable.  Working with the nutritionist may help.  I hope it does.
Genetics plays a part in some of those results and no amount of exercise or healthy eating will change that.

Keep up with the good work and I hope your next tests bring the results you want.  Please don't be too disappointed if they haven't changed significantly either though.  You're doing the right thing by exercising and eating healthily -these are what will make a difference.  Focus on what you can change and not on what you can't.

I hope that helps.

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