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Not belly fat, but I have a large lower abdomen?

So I don't know if I am being hyper-paranoid or something, but it seems to me like I have an oddly distended and large lower abdomen, despite having little-to-no belly fat (I even have a six pack... sort of). It can look "normal" if I suck it in really hard, but it always droops right back down if I stop.

I also tend to feel like my abdomen is "full" after eating very little (i.e., it feels stretched out). I know I shouldn't compare myself to magazines, but my belly just looks oddly... large... or trunk-like, compared to pictures of men in magazines (and other guys I see at the gym).

Here are some pictures. The first is a profile view of how it normally looks, with no "sucking in". The second is a frontal shot while I'm "sucking in".

Is this a normal look? I've always wondered if perhaps I had some benign tumor in there taking up space. I've had some intensely strong and painful cramps down there sometimes in the past, but not so much recently.

For the record I am 20 and 167 lbs (I gained roughly 15-20 lbs over a few months while weight-lifting.. I used to be about 150 for years...I'm assuming it was muscle since I see little more fat).

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I have a very similar situation. I get full very quickly, but my abdomen has some basic bigger form. I am thinking that you need to check out how many calories you are REALLY eating every day and compare that to what a guy needs of your size.
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Well I do a good job counting calories, and rarely exceed the daily recommended amount. Is it possible there is internal fat I am not seeing, below the muscle layer? Or is it possible my organs are just big or hypertrophied?
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