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Percentile and weight for daughter

my 8 year old daughter is becoming thicker around the waist although she is very active, exercises and spends a lot of time on the go, not sitting and watching tv, etc. We have a terrible time finding clothes to fit around her stomach and waist. She's starting wearing a sports bra because you can see through her t-shirts if they're thin and she's very self conscious about it. I stress to eat healthy and don't emphasize the fat or overweight words at all. She eats a lot of fruit, little vegies but likes to divide up her lunch into the food groups to be sure she gets them all. I'm at a loss and have started limiting her sugars and fats but know she needs some. Her Dr. says she's healthy, the last time we went. Please advise. I don't want it to affect her health nor her self esteem. Thanks.
Is your child male or female?
What is your child's height?
What is your child's weight (kgs or lbs)

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When you go to see your pediatrician, you probably have noticed the chart of height and weight that is embedded in your child's medical chart.  Each time the pediatrician sees your child, he or she plots your child's vitals on this chart and looks for any significant abnormalities that might invite further investigation.  I think it's worth mentioning your concerns to the pediatrician, but if he/she doesn't seem concerned by your daughter's weight, that's encouraging.  But you make a great point that it's never too early to promote healthy habits (more fruit/less juice, more vegetables, and plenty of exercise - and don't forget the importance of a good night's sleep!).  I also agree with your plan not to get her focusing on her weight, especially at such a young age. Take care.
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