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Phentermine causing break through bleeding

I have been on Phentermine since June 25th..about 2 weeks into it, i started having break through bleeding, and not just spotting, it was like a usual period, no letting up and it lasted for about 2 weeks and a few days, then it was time for my actual period so i  bled for about 3 weeks straight...ive been on ortho tri-cyclen Lo birth control since Feb 2006 and up until this diet pill, my period would start at 6am every Tuesday of the week im too start my period, then come friday morning, i wake up and im completely finished, it's that predictable and I loved it...i finished my first 30 day dose and quit for about 2 weeks and refilled my phentermine and then yet again about 2 weeks into it, it happened again.............please tell me this has happened to someone else before while taking this pill, i just wanna make sure it's nothing to worry about!!!!! thank u :)
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