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Power Walks

I was layed off over 7 months ago and during this time, I have gained weight. Not, much, but all around my waist.  I just started walking daily for 1/2 hour. I actually enjoy it, but my feet and knees hurt. How soon can I see results from walking daily and when should I increase the time of walk from 1/2 to possibly 1 hour? Thank you!
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Great questions.

Walking is a fantastic form of exercise and scientific data does suggest that it can help with weight loss.  Keep in mind that you will burn more calories if you walk faster, walk uphills, and walk for longer periods of time.  Believe it or not, walking sticks and trekking poles have also been shown to increase calories burned and aid with weight loss.  You might find that when you do lose some weight, your knees/feet will hurt less.  Remember that safe weight loss occurs at about a pound or two per week, so you may not notice a significant different on the scale or in your appearance for a few months - but know you are moving the needle in the right direction.  Congrats on a great start!

Dr. Beckerman
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Dr. Beckerman,

I appreciate your response and although my knees and ankle hurt, you have encouraged me to keep on walking!!! Thank you.
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