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Weight problem

I am 41 year old woman.  I exercise and keep control my food intake, but eating out during the weekend with my boyfirend.  I am 165cm.  I hated weight and resistant exercise , but recently I add them in my workout about 1 month (2 - 3 times a week).  And I can fit in the pant, I have difficult before, but my weight is going few pounds up.  I also feel strong and fit, but how can I gain few pounds?  And my all time low was 118 lbs, at that time, I even didn't do much of exercise than now.  Now I weight 126lbs.  But I can fit in the same size dress.  
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Hi Miumiu,

It's a bit unclear from your post why you are trying to gain weight.  For a woman who is 5 foot 5 inches and has a slender frame, a weight of 126 pounds seems reasonable.  If you feel fit and healthy and exercise well and enjoy your diet, I think you're probably in a good place (one that many people might actually envy!).  Take care!

Dr. Beckerman
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Muscle weighs more than fat.  That is why, although you are most probably leaner, you weigh slightly more.
Resistance exercises help to tone muscle (and increased muscle mass burns more calories).

Don't stress excessively about those few pounds.  If your weight does increase more dramatically though you may like to look at the foods you're eating while out with your bf.

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I am sorry for my poor wording.  I am a pretty big lady, no matter I can fit in the Size S top, but my arms and bottom are strong and big.  I am a chinese Canadian.

My question is , I wanna to go back (all time low) 118lbs, but no matter how hard I workout and control my portion and fat intake, I gain back few pounds, and go up to 126lbs.  Although I can fit in the same dress and pants(when I was 118lbs).  Do you have any idea for my problem?

I always feel sad, if I am tired to workout twice a day, or 6 days a week.  But if I am going to relax, not really care and control the food and workout, I still can keep the weight not gain too much so.

thank you for your time and care of me.  Have a nice weekend.
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Thank you for your comment.  I have the same answer with you in many books.  I am thinking about, I might be a big frame girl, so no matter how hard I workout and control my diet, I still can't go to 110 lbs (The model body)......

Anyway Thank you and have a nice weekend.
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Thanks again for your post.

I guess I go back to the same concept that 118 pounds may perhaps be too low a target for someone of your height and body type - and Jaquta makes a great point that muscle is more dense than fat such that you may weight more, but actually fit into your clothes better.  It brings up the idea that weight itself should not be our only goal - it's only part of how we think about our health and fitness, and the choices we make regarding diet, exercise, and general lifestyle.
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Sometimes we have to set our unrealistic expectations aside and be content with being fit and healthy.
I too would like to be a particular weight but with my height and physique it makes that number extremely unrealistic.
It is also important not to compare our weight to that of someone else either.  It is much better for us to healthy than to be at a low weight and be sick and feel miserable.

I hope you have a good weekend too.

Take care.
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