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Why do I sweat so much, and why am I always so hot?

I'm a 21 year old student at University. For the last few years I've had a major problem with sweat and heat. I am in good shape, but don't exercise a lot. I don't smoke, but being a student I often drink (not so much during the summer holidays).

My problem started a few years ago in college. It could be the coldest day of the year, but still I would sweat loads under my arms, and get wet patches (Gross I know!) Over the last few years it has just gotten worse and is now not just my armpits that sweat. The problem is mainly from my waist upward. Even on a cold day, a 5 minute walk will have me dripping with sweat. Mainly all over my back, under my arms and my face. I am ALWAYS hot, even when friends are cold. The sweat begins and that makes me more frustrated, which leads to more sweat! I don't sweat much  on my arms, legs or hands. Its just my face, armpits and whole back. my back is the worst place)

I'm pretty sure I have Hyperhidrosis . I have tried products such as Driclure and Maxim which are Aluminium chloride rich anti persperants and designed for under the arms. The result is good and after 2-3 days the sweating is much less and I only need to apply it every 3 days or so. However, it is incredibly pain full, and itchy and has caused many sleepless nights. It also causes my skin under my arm to get a small red rash and go very sore. For this reason I do not want to keep using products like this and definitely don't want to put it anywhere else on my body.
What can I do to keep myself cool? How can I stop my self sweating so much? I usually wear shorts and t shirts, but is there any medication for this problem? Any home remedies? Foods I can eat / avoid? Creams? ANYTHING
I used to work out a lot but now can't even go to the gym as my problem is so embarrassing. I have a treadmill at home, and after just  5 mins of running I actually look like I've just stepped out of the shower!

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