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hcg diet

Does anyone know if you can have Crystal lite which contains phenylalanine as sweetener on the Hcg diet??
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i am currently on the HCG diet and you are allowed to have Crystal light.
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dont use and artificial drinks on the p2 and p3 of the original protocol!! som edrs say yes bu tthey say yes only cause they know it can stall or slow your loss so they can charge you more for your meds because you are on them longer
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I am currently on my 3 week of the hcg diet. and i didnt order enough. so now i am waiting on my next shipment to get in. It should be in anyday. so my question is can i change to drops till it gets here or should i go to P3 till it gets here my last shot was today. and i am freaking out.

thank you
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