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i think im in a losing battle

i have been workin out and im not losin any weight i run 2 - 4 miles 5 - 6 days a week then im in the gym i dont know what im doin wrong i eat a sandwhich, rice and a fruit for (BF) /// two sandwhiches and juice for (L) and the same as BF for dinneram i wroung for this and i do drink a lot of water everyday because its hot in iraq....  is there anything that  can do to a change
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Make sure that the food that you are having is not high in fat and calories as you might be consuming too many calories.

It really depends whats in the sandwich and what size it is as well.

I would use a BMR calculator online to check how many calories you should consume a day to loose weight and then calorie count.

I did this to loose over 40lbs and it worked for me.

Good luck!
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