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is my weight healthy???

am 13 an I think my weight is unhealthy... if im 5"5,female,13, an weigh 186.9 lb is this healthy an if not how do I change it?
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I agree with "nightshiftnurselady" that health care providers have to be careful about how they promote a message of health to younger people without emphasizing being "body-conscious."  But at the same time, it's extremely important for us to recognize that being overweight at any age is not as healthy, and can increase our risk of chronic diseases.  To answer your question, I expect that your weight is higher than is ideal for your age and height - but I think it's very important to involve your parents and pediatrician in any plan to lose weight - you want to go about it in a healthy way that will be successful for you.
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How do you feel at your weight? Can you do the things you want to do? Can you run? Can you breathe at night and during exercise? At 13 you probably shouldn't be on any diet except for just eating healthy food in healthy amounts. Exercise is key, for how you feel and maintaining weight. Even walking daily will help you feel good and keep you healthy. Cut out those unhealthy snacks like chips and candy and replace them with fruit or lo fat string cheese. I suspect you need more exercise like most people especially teen agers. I swear that the national weight problem started when they stopped having daily PE class in school!!  The most important thing is how you feel, the "official" government weight guidelines are not for everybody. If you feel good, can do the things you want to do and are happy, your weight is fine. It's always good to eat more healthily and to exercise more. If you just do those things you just may find that you lose some weight too.
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if yuh wanna burn dat extra fat just do some calistenic and if you wanna burn it all do p90x like me i used to be 5"9.5 25% bodyfat but after 3 months im at 7% bodyfat but ima a guy but it works for girls too but im still 5"9.5 and i weigh 178 and im all muscle and just remember muscle weighs more den fat
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