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medication and weight gain

I have tried this healthy lifestyle thing for a while now but still effectively manage to sabotage all my efforts.
My GP said that I am burnt out.  I saw a psychiatrist last week and he said that I was depressed and that my life was ****.  He recommended a middle dose of Mitrazapine for six weeks and for two years if the trial was successful.

I was Googling this med and saw weight gain and a whole host of other unhealthy side-effects mentioned.  Would it make sense to trial it or to ask if another one would be more appropriate?  I have trialled different classes of ad's in the past with limited effect due to side-effects and non-compliance.

I'm pretty anti-meds so I don't want to put myself out there only to get fat.

I respect your opinion a lot and just wanted to know if medication was safe.

I'm pretty shut down and not functioning that well.  I did join an athletics club and was running 20+ km in the weekend but ... almost every second thought was I can't and mentally and physically I couldn't cope.  I'm trying to run now but have kind of flagged my goals of running several half marathons well.

Will medication help me to get active and to get my life back.  I lack insight or judgement around meds.
Could you just say it is like it is and what you think.  I would really appreciate your honest opinion.
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It's true that mirtazapine can increase your appetite - but I think that treating depression should be the priority - a healthy body is hard to pursue if you don't feel like you have a healthy mind.  I'm so sorry to hear that this continues to be a long road for you.  But I do think it's great that you are continuing to be proactive and seek new solutions.  Take care.
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Thanks James!  What you say makes sense.  Maybe increased mood and enegry levels will off-set any potential weight gain and being aware of the side-effect can help me better plan for it in case it does occur.
I'm tired of fighting this and I think it was important for me to hear from someone that I like and respect and who tolerates me.
Thank you for putting this into perspective for me.
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