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my weight loss does not match my work

Okay, I have a lot of weight to lose. I am 49 and was doing really well for 2 months. Then the brakes went on. I use the BodyMedia Fit band so I know my daily calorie burn, and I weigh and measure my foods, but everything has stopped. I only lose a pound or a few ounces intermittently. I am getting messages on my online programs where I log asking me if I am sure I am not slacking, and my BodyMedia Fit band is telling me I am not losing at the planned rate and if I want to stay on task, I need to up the anti.

Well, I have no idea what is going wrong, but this is where I have gotten stuck with each weight loss attempt I have made after having my kids. I feel doomed, like I am destined to be obese and unable to change it.

Things that have not been perfect about my approach is that I don't get enough sleep...ever...and I never will if I am going to work out... and I am under tremendous stress...and I probably always will be. These conditions are the same as when I was losing weight steadily in the beginning. The only thing that is changed is that as I have lost weight, I have striven to be more active and burn calories to offset my lowered weight.

My shameful stats are  49 , 5' 1" 196.6 lbs. I am burning around 2500 calories daily give or take 100 according to my bodymedia fit band, and I am taking in approximately 1390 calories of food. I log everything 3 places and I am so engaged in this process my family thinks I am obsessed...but no loss to match my work. Most of my exercise has been and is cardio. I get between 3 and 5 hours of sleep each day in sporadic shifts of naps here and there. That will not in reality be up for change unless I find another job...so probably not.

I am very bummed out and tired...especially of being shamefully fat.

Any one know anything about the BodyMedia Fit band? Is it possible it is incorrect for me? ( They use them on biggest loser)
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