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weight loss and hormones, also is my diet okay?

Hello, i am a 25 year old woman. i have lost 70 lbs so far, but for the past week i cant seem to lose any weight. i think it may have to do with my hormone levels. you see, since ive always been overweight my period would disappear for months at a time, sometimes up to a year. but now that im losing weight my period is trying to come back. i got my period aug and sep on the 7th. but on october 7 i did not get my period, it is now the 13th and still no period. instead i have hit a plateau and im not losing weight anymore since the 7th, when before i would lose weight regularly. is my period causing this? or do i have to change my diet?

p.s. a few days before the 7th i got normal pms symptoms cramps, i felt weak when i would exercise, id get headaches and my blood pressure was low. you know the same symptoms i would normally feel.

my diet plan is as follows: i alternate between 1300 and 1400 calories every other day. and i exercise (1hr and 40 minutes - 2 hours) 6 days a week. im making to eat healthy and drink lots of water. i am currently at 158 lbs. is the way im losing weight extreme, or is it okay? also, i normally lose 2 lbs a week...

sorry for such a long post.
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First of all - congratulations!!!  You are doing such a wonderful job of maintaining discipline and a positive outlook...and you have been very patient, recognizing that a slow gradual weight loss is the best kind.

But I think you are also realizing that when you have lost most of the weight you wish to (you don't mention your height, but I'm guessing you are approaching your goals) weight loss can slow down considerably.  This can definitely be frustrating, but as you lose weight, your metabolism goes down too.  Therefore, your caloric needs are much lower than they were six months ago when you were heavier.

Given that you seem to have a good handle on your daily calorie intake, an interesting next step might be to go online and find a calculator for your basal energy expenditure (i.e. how many calories you need a day) - this is based on your age, sex, height, and weight.  Then you can see where your current 1400 calories fit in.  You might find that you will continue to lose weight, but much more slowly (even a pound every week or two).  That's okay!  Don't let it frustrate you, because it will work if you give it time.  Very proud of you!
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my height is 5'5" and thank you for the advice, i looked up some calculators

1. this one says:

2148 Calories/day
Fat Loss:  
1718 Calories/day
Extreme Fat Loss:  
1289 Calories/day

2. http://www.dietitian.com/calcbody.php
This one say 1200 cals for day and ill lose 2 lbs a week.

However, ive been told that a 1200 calorie diet is not very effective long term and its not healthy to go so low. so im not sure what to do.
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do you think perhaps i should increase my calories? its frustrating not to lose weight when i was losing it weekly so well.
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