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weight loss not working

I have high blood pressure, have been put on 3 blood pressure meds.  I have lost about 15 lbs...and am not down to one blood pressure, have changed my weigh of eating and am working outj 3-5 times a week... and can not lose any more weight... any suggestions what I can try? The cardiologist says I have to lose the weight, I am 37 and already have 50-60% blockage in a main artery going in to my heart,..I want to do what ever I can to be around for my six children and any future grandchildren. Also, have been diagnosed with sleep apnea.
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What's your diet like now?  Are you finding that there are more areas where you might be able to make some changes?  You don't mention in your post how tall you are or how much you weight now - is it possible you are already at a good weight?
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