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I'm  26 years old and 164 cm in height. Due to pregnancy I had gained weight, now I weigh 97 kilos. I would like to at least shed of 35 kilos by August, 'coz my sister's wedding is coming up. Please help me by giving me some Diet solutions or Diet Charts that I could follow. I'm taking Slimona Rimonabent 20 mg tablets too.
One more question- If I'm lactating while I taking Slimona tablets, will this affect my child?

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I am not familiar with those tablets - I do not recommend using them while you are nursing.

Losing over seventy pounds in three months is a lot to expect from yourself.  I'm not sure it's a realistic or healthy goal, to be honest.

I will be sharing 200 different solutions to lose weight in my upcoming book, The Flex Diet (being published this December).  But in the meantime, here are a few tips:

1) Keep a daily food diary.
2) Drink six glasses of water every day, and stop drinking sugar sweetened beverages or drinks with artificial sweeteners.
3) Weigh yourself every day.
4) Eat breakfast every day.
5) No food after seven PM.
6) Get some actvity every single day.

These are real solutions that will make you start living healthier, rather than a chart that will not teach you how to be healthier.  Good luck and take care!
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