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weight loss

Can a person who is not a diabetic take metformin for weight loss.. I need to loose 60lbs i have tried other prescription's diet pill's and i'am immune to them they work for awhile then nothing. Please help
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I do not recommend it!
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Metformin will cause dangerously low blood sugar in the non-diabetic. This cycle will backfire and cause the body to store fat. There are alot of pills out there that will bring short term weight loss. The challenge is not so much losing the weight but keeping it off. Only serious lifestyle changes that include a balanced diet and exercise will help you to effectively manage your weight. Nobody wants to hear that but it's true. I suggest mutual support groups and counselling to help you explore the reasons why you over eat. Most of us suffer from past traumas, depression and anxiety. Looking at the root of the problem and finding the support to make a heartfelt transition to a healthier lifestyle is the only way to true health and happiness. It's a process and you will need to be patient with yourself. Trust me, pills and fad diets are dangerous and can cause permanent health problems. Feel free to message me anytime. I am looking to share the journey to better health with other serious people. Take care :o)
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Instead of using all these synthetic weight loss pills why dont you try some natural supplements which are more effective and wont cause any dangerous effects on you.
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Physical exercise is better than consuming the pills, do some sort of physical work, such as use stairs instead of lift, walk as much as possible, this will certainly help you.
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the thing is you can't lose weight fast because if you do then it will come back just as fast trust me I know. take it one day at a time and never ever weigh your self everyday.... change your diet and exercise....
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