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Thanks KentuckGirl!  This is my 4th day on the phentermine.  I'm doing okay, except that I am not sleeping very well.  Weighed myself this morning, and I have dropped from 222.2 to 217.6...  I am very happy with the results so far.  Back in January I put my self on a low fat diet because of my high cholesterol.  I was able to lose 21 pounds the first two months, but the third month I only lost 2 more pounds.  I did bring my cholesterol level down quite a bit.  So that was good.  My original weight back in January was 244.  I'm hoping to at least get under the 200 mark on my first month of the phentermine.  But my question to you today is....  When I was on the low fat diet, I was eating heart healthy cereal and yogurt with granola almost on a daily basis.  The guidelines that the doctor gave me, only include 1 hard boiled egg, 1/2 slice toast for breakfast, lunch-- unlimited salad and 6oz. beef, pork, or chicken. Dinner consists of the same, except the salad is a small portion and I can have veggies, and a 4oz. peice of meat.  So I guess, what I'm asking..  will the cereal and milk products make a big difference? Sorry to carry on. THX  
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CONGRATS on the weight loss!!!!  Keep up the GREAT work.  You should be very pleased with your loss.  Let me just add one little bit of advise.....when
( if ) you start to feel like you are getting discourged..... think of how good you feel now and what you have lost not how much you need to lose.  
I know you can reach your goal in 1 month or 3 months you only have 22 pounds to go....you can do it!
Addressing your question...I am not sure about what diet to follow and changing the menu on a set diet plan.  I don't follow a "special" diet.  My diet is simple portion controll. This has worked very well for me and it allows me to live the same lifestyle as before.  I will say since I have started losing weight I question some of the foods I eat, it seems like half the things I was eating I really am not even carzy about.  I don't have a workout schedule...I hate working out, but I am moving all the time...laundry, dishes, keeping up with my kids and cleaning.  It's all one HUGE workout.
I am sorry I was not able to provide you with an answer to your question.  Try posting it and see what other people say.
I think you will be just fine! Best of luck and God Bless.
Keep me posted on how your doing.
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