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5 foot 2 club

Thought this would be a great place for us to find each other quicker.

how are you all doing?
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This is not a forum to "meet" people or advertize for a business or group.
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For your info...This is a continuation of another post for those of us who are on a diet and found it funny that we were all the same height!  We are sharing ideas on what we are doing for diet and exercise and supporting each other.

I'm a mother of two and not advertising for any thing but to help out others and have them help me.

Find another post who is telling everyone where to shop and books to buy.

Thank you
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Im 5'2 and a half, does that count still lol if so let me know where you're all at x
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I'm 5 foot 1.5 inches if I stand on my left leg, and only 5 foot 1 inch if I favor my right leg.  Do I qualify, too?  LOL

It is very interesting that people our height seem to have the most difficulty with extra weight.

I've tried the diet and exercise thing after my second baby, but I hate to admit that a middle age metabolic rate is almost impossible to speed up, not to mention being a mom means you have to take care of everyone else first.

I used to hit the gym every day and could leg press double my body weight.  Now I don't have time or the money for a membership.

Instead, I'm trying lipodissolve first... and then pound the weights for finishing touches.
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