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I have gone PAST my 6th treatment, which when I signed up they told me 6 treatments was all I'd need. I am now on my 8th treatment and 10 months later......I have gained inches - not lost.........and gained pounds also with this (15 lbs at least).
I have contacted them and noone seems to want to talk about this "Guarantee refund - money back". I even saw the "main" doctor there who also told me he saw no results either....just give me more shots.
I just want my money back...........10 freakin months is crazy.........AND FOR WHAT????????? NO DAMN RESULTS,IN FACT WEIGHT AND INCH GAIN INSTEAD.  THIS PLACE IS A BOGUS, THEY DONT BACK UP WHAT THEY PROMISE AT ALL.
I'm sorry, I'm only maybe 60 lbs overweight and 6 ft tall, I'm not a real heavy person- there is NO reason for this, this should have been easy! I was only 40 lbs over my normal weight when I began this program. I WISH I NEVER GOT SUCKERED INTO THIS BY ADVANCED LIPO DISSOLVE. And if they STILL wont help me...I will be calling FOX 4 PROBLEM SOLVERS for some REAL assistance and the pleasure of making sure all viewers know what they can expect from this place.
Funny that even some of their employees have told me behind closed doors that it hasnt worked for them and they have told me to get my money back. lol Now how does that look for the company.
WHAT A JOKE.....All I can say is DONT GET SUCKERED IN. If you can lose the money , then GO FOR IT, but EXPECT IF IT DOESNT WORK.....YOU WONT GET THAT GUARANTEED REFUND! thats the only thing you can count on getting.........NO REFUND!
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Has anyone had good results and anymore bad results from lipodissolve- I am 5'0" 106lb I am just trying to lose some of the jiggly that is had to lose when I work out.
good & bad results I would love to hear them all.
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Actually thats ALL I was trying to lose myself, that loseness left over from having a baby 12 years ago. They said no problem, it would get rid of it. ANd now I am at least 15 LBS HEAVIER and NO RESULTS AT ALL. I wouldnt try it.............you'd get more out of a diet or diet pill than LIPODISSOLVE...........ESPECIALLY FROM ADVANCED LIPO DISSOLVE. I , like many others, chose them because they had a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if it didnt work.......TOTAL BULL **** AND LIES.......THEY DONT GIVE YOU **** BACK. NOT EVEN AN ATTEMPT TO OFFER HALF BACK . BULL.

If I was you, I'd try something else. You gets some results from that. OR actual LIPO SUCTION would be even better than this place.
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I'm glad you posted this,  I live in the KCMO area and was contemplating
this procedure.  I think I'll pass now.
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Good choice "Rhondeveau" ..........I wish I had never done it...........All I want is my money back! THAT'S ALL IS WANT. Is for them to stand by there word and what they advertise! My next call..........FOX 4 PROBLEM SOLVERS!!!
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rhondeveau, in this area you really need to do your homework.  There is a lot of information on the web, but a bunch of it is obviously canned stuff from the lipo promoters.  My wife and I both went to Advanced Lipo for a consultation, and we both felt like we were being pressured into buying, like the old time-share condo sessions.  We did take information away, however, talked to a number of other providers, and settled on Dr. Byers at MedCostmetic.  A number of key questions to ask: 1.Just what drug compound to they use - not all are the same.  2. Does the injected liquid include pain relief medication - most do not.  3. How often should the treatments be - speculation now seems to be that those pushing more frequent plans inject less meds each time (although I have no way of verifying that). What I see from the doctor sites now is more in the once every 4-8 weeks range. 4.  Do they require a multi-treatment plan - it appears more are now not requiring that. 5.Do they have you put on a topical numbing agent before the treatment - some do not; it is better to have it.  6. How closely spaced (in distance) are the injections - there are different approaches, not sure which is better, ours are half inch.  7. How many treatments will it take to see results - if they say guaranteed results in one treatment, run for the hills.  Evidence seems to show somewhere between 5 and 10% will not respond to the treatment.  I have not heard of people gaining weight from the therapy, although when we went to Advanced Lipo, they did stress to us that the results would only hold if we gained no more than X pounds (I think it was 8) going forward.  We are both still getting treatments.  Getting results, predictably wishing we were getting even more. Hope this helps.
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I am from St. Louis and signed up for 4 areas. I logged each visit and am in the teens on some areas.  Like the previous post, hundreds and hundreds of shots and over a year later - nothing.  No results!  They told me around 2/3 way through that I was a slow dissolver.  I started when they first opened their facility in Novermber 2005 and continued treatments every week for awhile.  I should have just gone in for lipo and been done with it.

I have submitted my file to the review board for a refund and I hope to see some fair action there. I'll have to keep it our local news crew in mind if I don't get my money back becuase I actually weight less now and the measurements are dead-on the same. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a full refund.

Thank goodness I didn't tell anyone that I was doing that becuase I would be so embarassed if they knew how much money I spent and got nothing in return.

Keep your money and don't fall into the so-called easy solution like I did!

Thanks for listening to my vent session.
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Have you had any results with getting the refund?  I am going in Friday for my "refund consultation" and they say it can take up to 60 days.  If you haven't gotten your refund, please let me know how far you got in the process...I have a name and number you can call to get going on it.

I started LD (now known as fig.) in November.  My friend and I went in for a consultation and both signed up for 3 areas.  I feel bad now cause I talked her into doing it.  I started out with the 1 area in my first treatment, then moved up to two for the other treatments.  I had horrible side effects.  I would have to schedule my treatments for Friday after work and I would be down for the whole weekend every time I went for treatments.  The discomfort and swelling would get so bad that I would have to take pain meds to take the edge off.

When we first went in, we were told that we would see results after the 2nd treatment.  At our third treatments I was told that it was usually during the break between the third and fourth treatments that you started seeing results.  At my fourth treatment I was told it could take up to 6 treatments to see results.  At that point I had gained 6 pounds and told the nurse I was not satisfied.  I was told that the company could do nothing for me until I finished treatements.  This is despite the fact that every time I went in I told them how hard it was for me to get the treatments and the extreme side effects I suffered from.  I made the decision to continue because I had invested so much time and pain that I knew only a couple more treatments and I could get a refund if it didn't work.

My fifth treatment came and they put in double the meds in my lower abs.  I didn't know you could do that until I went in for my fourth treatment and had that done then too.  I was told that sometimes you could see faster results.  During my fifth treatment the needles hurt really bad.  I kept saying that it hurt far worse than normal, the nurse insisted she was doing nothing different and continued.  I went home to bed as usual.  Within one hour I had hives covering my entire body.  My sister came to take me to the ER and by the time we got there my hearing was affected because the hives were in my ears and the allergic reaction was so severe that the hives clumped together and engrossed parts of my body.  I spent the evening at the ER and have spent this past week on steroids for the hives.  This was last Friday night.

What I realized Friday night is that since I have started LD I have been suffering from random breakouts of hives.  I have sensitive skin, and I am allergic to a couple meds so I've had hives before, but usually you know right away what you did differently to cause them.  This time I couldn't figure out what was breaking me out.  I missed 2-1/2 days of work, had medical expenses, and took I don't know how much Benedryl for these crazy breakouts.  They were massive hives, too, not just little ones.  My doctor and I chalked it up to stress as the stress at my job had increased greatly.  But I figured it out Friday night at the ER.  The first treatment I had no hives because it was only one are.  It wasn't until after a week after the second treatment that I had my first reaction.  Because the meds stay in your body, my body continued to react to the medicine.  It wasn't until Friday (which the double meds and probably placement of the meds causing the severe allergic reaction) that I could definitively tie the hives to the LD - before that I hadn't even considered it!  

Saturday morning I called LD and told them about my reaction.  They scheduled an appointment for me on Monday to go in.  Then a couple hours later I got a call saying that I didn't need to go in, that I needed to call someone else (who turns out is the head or pres of client relations).  I called on Monday and left a message.  Tuesday I got a call from another party who said I needed to schedule an appointment.  She tried to tell me that I had almost finished my treatments and I quickly cut her off and reminded her that I still had a third area that I hadn't started and had been experiencing medical issues the whole time but was told I had to continue.  She didn't say anything else.  I have an appt on Friday at noon, and I cannot wait to tell them what I think.  To date, outside of the medical issues raised above, I have gained 7 pounds (this is per LD weigh-ins at every appt) with zero results.

Remember at the beginning of my story I said that the time when my friend and I would be seeing results kept getting longer?  I have her as a witness (and sounds like the promote those false results a lot)...she is also going for a refund.  She's gained weight same as I and no results (she didn't not have medical issues like I did though - I know my reaction was atypical).

I'm thinking, class-action lawsuit???  False claims of results, pressure to purchase the package with promise of quick results, being encouraged to continue with treatments despite adverse side effects.....there has to be something that can be done about this company.  I know if they do not give me a refund (and I even have photographs of my hives along with medical docs) then I am consulting an attorney
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Has anyone gotten a refund yet?  I requested a refund back in January and keep getting told the review board has to look at my file.  We are past the 60 days.  I am ready to contact my local news investigation team.  My treatments are working but they signed me up for four areas which I didn't need.  Even the nurses agreed that I only needed one area treated.  I think patients should have  a free treatment first before they sign up to see how their body reacts and have an idea of what type of pain is associated with this treatment.  They double dosed my husband at one of his treatments and I thought I was going to have to take him to the ER.  The pain was excruciating and he could not stand up.
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Thank you so much for posting your results.....I just saw the ad on TV this week in Houston and was concidering going to see them after looking at the fig site..... I have had gastric bypass and a lower body lift after losing 110 pounds.....I still carry weight in my thighs.... and wanted to try this procedure to advance fat reduction in the thighs....I'm sorry it didnt work for you and thank you again for letting people know....I know its hard to tell ppl you have been "taken"...been there done that with other weight loss gimmicks....good luck on getting you refunds.....
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I started lipo dissolve back in June 2006.  I have been COMPLETELY disappointed!  My mom and I started it together.  She has only lost 1/2 inch and has gained a couple lbs.  I have lost 0, nadda, zilch, and gained about 10 lbs.  We spaced them out so that we were getting them every 6 weeks or so.  They said they worked better if you could hold the sessions off.  They also sold us a package of 6 sessions and said that after that it would be $99 each time for life, if we wanted to.  We went in on our 3rd appt and were told they bumped it to 9 sessions.  On our 4th appt they said they bumped it to 12 sessions.  We asked why and they said the shots weren't working like people wanted them to and they weren't giving enough (only 2 shots of 5cc's each), and they bumped it up to 40cc's for my mom and last time was 30 cc's for me!  That was about 50 or so different "sticks" with the needles.  I'm so TIRED of it!  It doesn't work and it HURTS BAD.  You swell up and turn red, get bruises and knots.  It's like I had little aliens in my stomach and they'd move around, it was awful.  I was taking darvocet and percocet to ease the pain the first 2 days.  You can only take Tylenol, unless you have a script for something stronger.  But you CANNOT take advil, aleve, or any prescription anti-inflammatories.  We had our shots done in Overland Park, KS.  They told us last time that if we didn't see any changes when we came in next (we'll be going in 2 days) then they'd submit their opinion to refund us.  Now an opinion is not what I want.  My mom and I are sickened by this and we've decided that we're not getting the shots again, regardless of a refund.  YES, we have been ripped off!  They give you false hope and say it's "slightly uncomfortable"... they say this to get you in.  I want you all to know that it DOESN'T WORK and IT'S VERY PAINFUL!!!  Just go get lipo suction, it's CHEAPER and almost IMMEDIATE results!!!
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Go to this webpage and see what others have experienced.   Horror stories for sure.    If you can't reach the above link,  just go to www.realself.com and do a search about Advanced Lipodissolve and you will get to the page.
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I had my appt on Saturday.  They did measurements and photos.  I haven't lost anything, not one centimeter.  They submitted my file for a refund.  Who know's how long it will take.  The girl said they submit refunds all the time, she just has no idea if anyone has ever gotten a refund.  She told my mom that once her "nodules" go away then that would surely effect her measurements.  That's not true at all.  I had huge knots in my stomach, they go away but I think your fat just shifts to fill it up.  Those shots have got to change your body (in the area that you were getting them) and I'm not saying for the good either.  I look so gross right now.  They also changed the way the take your pictures.  You have to wear disposable panties over yours and under the shorts.  They take your pictures with the shorts on and then you have to take the shorts off so there are no discrepencies... not sure how they help prevent that.  Photoshop can do that!  If my mom and I don't get our refunds then I will be contacting Fox 4 also.  I think it would be best if we could get a few people to call the same day or within a couple days of each other.  I am also thinking about putting up a website and getting information from unhappy customers.  I will only do that if they don't give my mom and I a refund.  If you read this and are thinking about calling Fox 4 or want to share your side of things for my potential website then email me:  ***@****
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