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After 5 days..........no Ketosis

This is my first week on phendimetrazine, calcium pyruvate,and B12 shots. I did everything exactly as instructed, including drinking the HUGE amount of water, but that darn strip isn`t changing color.Did that happen to anyone else???
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See my post please.  I can offer some advise if you like.  You must be seeing Dr. Lara.  He starts his patients off that way.  Give it time tho. It WILL work!
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It IS Dr. Lara!!!
I`m so glad someone has heard of him.
Thanks . I`ll be looking for your posts.
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A girl that I work with goes to him.  She gave me a copy of her diet. I just stay around 800 calories a day.
It is almost the same plan except that you are doing a version of the atkins diet.
She lost 40 pounds in 7 weeks with that diet.

Wow! it is a small world!
Let me know how you do on it. It took about 3 weeks before I started dropping weight like crazy. Watch for constipation tho.  That can keep you from feeling like you are not losing. My doctor told me to get "Senacot-plus" to help with constipation. It works.
Vegetable laxative with a stool softener.

Keep me posted on your diet and weight loss. You will get there!

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Dr. Lara's program works!  You just have to follow it to a "T" and you will experience dramatic results.  I only did it for about 2.5 months but had the BEST results ever.  I have been off since the middle of August and have not gained yet.  It is really pretty easy.  Email me if you want any details.
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please give me info on the dr laura diet,ive tried everything and the pounds wont budge.
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I`d like very much to hear from you, and about your experience with Dr. Lara`s program.
If they didn`t give me those appetite surpressants, I would be turning cannible by now......
I`m already worried about how can I not gain weight without them, I know I won`t be eating just 14 oz. of food daily for the rest of my life.
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Interesting name, by the way.
The diet would be incredible hard ,and probably not very healthy without the other components. You are give appetite surpressants, fat burners and an injection of B-6.
First few days is 10 oz of protein for all day, and that`s IT. No other food nothing ...nada........zip.
The next stage moves to 14 oz daily.That`s when you add a few veggies and fruits from a very selective list.
With out the pills I wouldn`t have made 24 hours.
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My girlfriend used Dr. Lara and she did great. She did follow the program to a T and did well. She has shared the diet with me and
I did drop pounds. The pills help you with cravings and teach you control. She has been off them for months and still looks great.
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That`s encouraging. Thanks.
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thanks for the response...so how are you doing on the plan now? this program seems pretty tough.how much have you lost? do you exercise if so what do you do?how often do you have to go to the dr?
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Hi again,
This is my 3rd weigh in tomorrow.  Once a week to the doctors office. (weigh in and get pills for week, and your injection.
Actually you get a B-12 shot. I think I said B-6 before.
That is mixed with amino acids and fat burners.
!st week I lost 6.5 lbs.
2nd week I lost 4.5 lbs.
Tomorrow???????????  I `ll let you know.
Thanksgiving you know?  What was I thinking? Start just before the holidays?  Jeeeezz. I did have a transparent piece of pumpkin pie, and yes, it had whipped cream too.
Working out?
Not exactly. I belong to a gym and lately haven`t made time to go.
I have to.  Let me know how you`re doing.
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where is dr. lara
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