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B 12 results and eating habits

I work night and Im trying to get my eating scheduled around it so that I dont increase my calorie intake or weight. Is it better to eat during my nights shift or when i get up before I have to be at work? my shift is 5:30pm- 5:30am . I also was trying to find out how much on average were people losing while reciving B12 shots.
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Wow it seems like we are all going through the same things...I was just telling my mom that sometimes i dont get a chance to eat because i work from 11:45pm to 7:00am and when i get home i take my son to school after that i sleep till 2:00 go get him come back and sleep again by the time i get back up its time for work again.she say i have to eat because if i dont my body will go into shock and store all the fats so then i wont loose the weight,she says use my break times to eat my soup cause when i'm working thats like my day time i'm moving around and the daytime is my night time cause i'm sleep.hope i helped some...
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You know what it all depends on how long it takes you to get to work and also how long you sleep after work..for instance if your job is 30min.away and you leave the house at 4:45 i would eat dinner at 4:00 or weight till break to eat dinner try not to eat your dinner after 7:00pm,so you eat dinner at home at 4 then take something with you like fruits,water,maybe tuna,cut up some cucumbers in a bowl with vinegar  you know nothing to heavy that late night besides you will be moving around to burn off the calories so nothing hi in cal nor fat,sugars and carbs stay awayn from those foods. plus cucumbers burn calories.when you get home from work its ok to eat your breakfast just dont lay down on your foods.oh and i'm sure people who are taking b12 are all getting their own results i feel great and sooooo pretty that its making me eat more healthyer and do more walks i dont just take the b12 and sit i work hard too.goodluck
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how much weight have u lost and how long have u been taking B12
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I work in security so I basiclly sit all night . Have any ideas for low calorie snacks
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friuts,cucunbers,salad,raw vegetables,with a dip...thats what i would suggest for a late night snack.maybe a breakfast muffin if you want something sweet eat half though not a whole one...or yogurt or what i use to do when i had a sweet tooth and wanted some dessert was get some fresh strawberrys put in a bowl and top it off with some low fat whip cream with 1 suger free 100 calorie cookie.I dont drink sodas but if you have too drink diet or try the flavored water those are good you can drink as much as you want..i 've been on the b12 for about a month or so.. i've lost 17lbs.now but i started my soup for a week you loose 7-10 or more in a week people on here were saying it dont work so saturday i will post my weight....i started the soup sunday weighing at 283lbs. saturday i will weigh again and post it.just to show yall my soup dont play
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Im 5ft 4 I weigh 195 what is the best calorie intake for me  If i had an idea of my calorie intake now I could just subtract 500 cals a day to lose weight Ive been trying to stay under 1500 cals a day but I really dont work out like I should and I dont know how many calories a person uses on average daily just doing eveyday things. What is your calorie intake?
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