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B 12 injections and Weight Loss

Seen the Doctor recieved B 12 shots I want to know how much B 12 is in the shots, and what kind needle and syringe they use have a friend who's a nurse who can give the shots. The doctor charges $47.00 a week.I cant afford that. The shot's work great though I loose from 3-5lbs a week. I can order the B 12 and syringes online.
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Whats is the difference from taking a vitamin orally B12 and getting a shot of B12?  Is there a major difference in the weight someone loses.
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B12 shots for weight loss are bogus, and serve mainly to provide the doc with $47 per week. It's a ripoff. Absolutely, 100%; and any doctor who gives it as a weightloss treatment is dishonest or stupid; probably both. The data are absolutely clear. Like any treatment you can name, there will be testimonials about its wonderfulness. The weightloss from B12 injections, is the same as from injections of any non-active material. Meaning for some, there will be weight loss if they believe strongly enough in it and mainly, if that belief leads to other life-style changes, involving a change in the amount of calories taken in versus the amount burned. You increase burning by increasing activity. B12 has nothing to do with it. Save your money and find another way to re-balance your calories.
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I had my first b12 shot yesterday and I already feel a boost in energy, but where do you buy the b12 injection online?  My husband is an RN and I would like to get him to administer instead of paying for a dr visit every 30 days or so.  I'm exploring the b12 shot for treatment of chronic fatigue more than weight loss, but if I lose weight that would just be a plus.
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go to google and type B12. i did the other day and a few came up.i i saw was like 5 vials for $9.95. thats about as far as i got though.
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I have heard nothing but great things about b-12 shots. I'm not so much interested in the weight-loss aspect, but more into getting that "boost" of energy on certain days when I'm fatigued.

A few questions/comments:
-Is it legal to purchase injectable B-12 in the U.S.?
-Are there are any downsides to using b-12 injections?
-Can you "overdose"? How much is too much?
-If you start taking these injections, do you eventually build a tolerance like you do some meds?
-Is the B-12 "boost" I hear people talking about a pure energy boost, or is it some kind of high? I don't want it to cloud my thinking or cause shaking, nervousness, or anything.

I was looking on the web and thinking about ordering a vial from Mexico or Canada to try it out. It's pretty easy to find.

By the way, I can't validate the remarks on the attached link, but I thought I'd pass it on. Obviously, B-12 tablets and sublingual liquid are easy to come by. This article explains why administering B-12 orally (both tablets and sublingual)doesn't work. The article also talks about a different method of administration that you can do TODAY. (Like I said, I haven't tried this - so please proceed at your own risk.)

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I do home injections of B12 - it was too costly to continue getting them done at the Dr's office.  

Even cheaper than filling the Dr's RX is to order them online.  I order mine from a vet supply - so, if you're weirded out by that, just ignore this message and don't bash me.  It's still B12 - just made for large animals... works just the same.  I prefer subq - seems to work better for me.
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I was wondering what was the vet website that you ordered the b12 shots from and has it been working for you?
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all I have to say, is I FEEL FANTASTIC after i got my shots.
it was b12 mixed with fat burning amino acids.
I was so lucky to find this doctor in bevely hills. read my other comments on this website.
Dr K is great. his number is 818-996-1048 or 866-9delight
call him. he is worth it
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Listen to Surgeon and save your money - the only thing that will get skinnier is your wallet believe me - I take B12 shots because I have to and I don't lose weight - Where I live a pack of five injections costs 20 Euro about 16 dollars - now they are cheap - that is for 1000 mg shots - So any doctors charging more than that is out for profit... do the research - energy boosting yes! of course they are - but at what cost - to your pocket and your longterm health?? Cynocobalamin is the medical term - These injections have been livesavers for those suffering from Pernicious Anemia - and a boost of energy to those willing to use them, but they don't keep weight off not to a degree worth noticing and certainly not for the long term - its a bit like the
cabbage soup diet, interesting, a fad, but not a longterm solution.

Best regards with your weight loss endevours - I know it can be a bloody nuisance when it won't shift!!

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You have to have a prescription for B12 and the syringes.  I get mine from Costco.  $6 for a vial and $14 for 100 syringes.  I take 1 1/2 cc 3 times a week due to Lupus and the fatigue associated with it.  The vial will last me 2 months.  The doctor is ripping you off.  Yes it does make a difference with the energy level!  I didn't think that it did so I stopped getting the injections when my nurse friend went to Europe for a month, then decided to start giving them to myself.  Not only do I have more energy, I sleep better.  I think this it what makes you loose the weight is because the more energy you have the more you move the more you move the more calories you burn.  I also buy the B Complex from the Feed Supply.  This is what they use for horses highly recommended by my dr.  The problem with the pills is your body doesn't absorb them.  To answer the previous question you can't overdose on B12.  The problem is doctors give heroine prescriptions more freely than B12 prescriptions.  Bottom line is $47 for an injection is high but your not just paying for the shot you are paying for the doctors overhead.
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I have an even better alternative to your shots if you're just doing it for the energy boost.  We have an energy drink called XS.  We're number 2 behind red bull and we aren't even in stores.  It's amazing - 8 calories no carbs no sugar and actually tastes great!  Email me if you're interested in more info.  ***@****
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hello people,
after reading these messages, i want to let everyone know that i have tried alot of different methods and have read alot of literature. 1st comment: directed to migliz, i dont think that these message boards should be used for you to advertise your product.  comment #2: sewcreative, why are you so against doctors, it is because people try to take their weight controll in their own hands that we have more than half of our country being overweight and spending money on unaffective weight loss stuff. anyways, i teach and dealt with alot of people like myself who swasted their time because they didnt want to go to a doctor for their weight. unfortunately for us. their are not alot of doctors specialised in weight problems. but there is a society of doctors that are specialised in obesity and weight loss. they are called bariatric physicians. i was fortunate enough to find a doctor in los angeles (beverly hills) that is one of these doctors, so that makes me assured that he is doing the right thing and not trying to rip me off. besides, this guy's prices are too cheap, believe me!!! i know! actually its the guy that tarapogany recomended ( you can see her comment in this section 2 or 3 above mine. delight medical. call him up, he is one of the few good guys out there.
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