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B 12 with Lipo Progress!!

Well so far i'm been doing the b12 with lipo shot for one week.  I'm so excited i've lost 4 lbs. already.  I'm doing 3 shots a week and also drinking alot of water and trying not to eat after 7pm.  I would like to hear about everyone elses progress.  I'm also thinking about taking phentermine to help me out with my hunger.  Good luck to all of you and i'll keep you posted.
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never heard of this - please elaborate
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Hello, I have also never heard of this. Can you explain what this shot is??  Thanks, Cool Mom
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B12 with Lipotropics is a weight loss injection, if you go to medhelp.org and click at the bottom where it says weight loss, you would see that there is alot of people taking the shot.  I've been on it for a week and already lost 4lbs.  You can also goggle mydietsoulutions and can read about it there as well.
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Hi there I am going Tues. to get the hcg shot is the lipo/b12 about the same?  I've never done any of these ,but for just the b12 alone and it was great for engery. Thanks tb_03***@****
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Hi,I've been on b12/lipo for 2 weeks,I have been dieting and losing  for about 2 months,I can tell the b12 gives me energy,my doc.also perscribed phen.which helps me alot.Since the shot,I lost 3lbs the first week and 11.4 lbs the second week.My weighin day is Tuesdays,I will try to keep posting.Good Luck Everyone.
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what's the criteria to get the shot? do u have to be obese or just want to lose 10-15 lbs?
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