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B12 / Lipo shots ~starting on the 24th!!

Ok, i am 23, weigh 155lbs and im 5' 7". Doesn't sound to bad to some but when i get dressed and i can't find anything to wear, and then i look in the mirrior naked... i wanna cry! I found out i was preg. when i was 18 right out of school, i didn't take real good care of myself while i was preg. i ate everything i saw!! So i put on 70LBS!!!! Yeah.. it was bad! I thought when i had my son, id be so active that it'd come right off... well, im active with him and i still have an extra 40 lbs on me i didn't have before! I don't think i should lose all the way back down to 110, but maybe 120-125! I wanna have more of a tone body than i did! For the last 4 years ive tried every diet... every pill (over the counter) and i can loose a little, but not enough!  So, im going to start the b12/ lipo shots. i have read on here about what every one says about it and i really haven't heard anything bad about it! I haven't talked to the dr about it yet, but i just wonder how long it will take to lose all of it, im gonna do 2 shots per week, Tues & Fri. It only cost $12 per shot, and it has  B6, B12, Vit. c, or e  ord (i can't remember which she said) and lioptropic. (she also gives a RX for the pills) I know the #1 rule while doing this is to drink at lease 64 oz of water a day! that will be hard! I don't like water very much, i drink it a lot more than i use to, b/c of all the deits ive been on, i can drink 2 maybe 3 bottles now... gotta drink 4-5 per day! Well, if anyone has any info on these shots and the pills, let me know! I'm not sure which pills she gives... i know there are a few different kinds out there! Thanks for reading and please leave a comment!
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I was thinking, this is gonna be my journal of weight loss! Here's my info:
Hips:     38.5
Waist:   33.5
Thighs:  25
Chest:   36
Arms:   12.5
Weight: 154 lbs (that's on my scale)
I am gonna start walking in the evenings (for 30 min.s at lease) from now till i start the shots and continue with the walks after i start! I think i'm gonna weigh in on Tuesdays! So i'll be back next tues. (July 10th)
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good luck ! keep me posted on the energy  you get..im not so looking for weight loss..thank you..
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Hi, where are you going to get these shots? I am looking  for weight loss...
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B-12 ? B-12 will not help you lose weight.....it gives you energy.......lipo.is a tool..that alone will not help to much..lipo-tropics go back to thje 80's was very popular..GNC made millions...there are no  do all pill.nor shot..but get them at
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ok? I know what each of them do! And it's lipotropics  with B complex that i'm getting. The pill is just to help me eat less! And i don't believe in ordering anything off the web that i put into my body, but thanks for your input!
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I found a dr. in oneonta, where are you? If you can't find anything in your area on the web, just call around to some Dr.s office, most doctors do the b12 shots here, but they don't do the lipotropic shots. Thats what works! let me know what you find!! Iwish you luck!
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