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B12/HCG -Updates to my success on the program.

I'm a mother of 3boys and I have gained alot of weight over the years. So I Started my old gestational diabetes diet at 256lbs 5 weeks ago . This meant no sugar, no salt, no soft drinks, no tea, no fruit juice, no bread, no rice nor potatoes. bananas only half and no corn. Drank metamcuil for the first 3 nights as well.  Everything else I ate and every two hours lots of vegetables and chicken, fish or shrimp. Felt like I was eating to much but was never hungry.  I felt I need help to keep me focused to keep losing wight and today I weighed in at 247lbs. Also Today I took my first B12/HCG shot at Innova in Houston and tomorrow morning I will take my first Bontril pill/diet which I was told was really just speed to get me really going. I was told to take it in the morning because if I took it to late I would not be able to sleep at night.  Also told I may get some crapping and I did already around my back kind of felt like small labor pains. But no big deal. Was told to drink atleast 64 ounces of iced water a day.

Tired of being fat and I need to be healthy for my children so I can play with them and see them grow old.  So I have posted this to help hold myself accountable and make sure I lose 80 lbs more! I love reading the postings and encouraging stories so hopefully about 80 lbs from now I can encourage you!

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Hey there, I am also in Houston, and just began taking the Bontril today, got my shot yesterday at the same place.  Sounds like we are on the same schedule.  My weightloss goal is to lose 70 pounds.  I just came across this web site / message board by accident and I am so glad I did.  Anyway, good luck to you, to us all.  Have a wonderful weekend.
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hey there! Just wanted to say don't wait for the whole 80 lbs to be encouraging - let us know along the way! I'm on the same program in Beaumont. I've lost 22 lbs since June 1 (started out at 280 so I have quite a long way to go!) and I think it's a great program. Its true about the water; the more you drink the better. And a good exercise program will help you keep it off after you reach your goal and stop the meds. Good luck!!
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Hi,  I also am doing the same program in Beaumont along with kk2.  I just started a little over a week ago and am happy to report that at my one week check up/weigh in I lost 5 lbs and 3/4 oz.  The weight seems to be falling off.  I started at 221 and am hoping to lose at least 80 lbs also.  One way for me to remain focused is that I set myself up for short goals. For instance, every 10 lbs I loose I give myself $20.00 to put up for new clothes in the future.  Keep us posted on your success.
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Dang.  I feel all kinds of left out here in Va. Beach. I'm not doing the B12/HCG, rather the B12/LipoB.  I'm also now taking Adipex.  I've lost 16 pounds total since July 21.  (Started at 219, and am now 203)  I need to get down to 145-150 and I'll be thrilled!---so I only have 58 more to go!
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Does anyone know who I can call about these shots in the East Tennesse area..Knoxville???  I'd love to try this and get thin like the rest of you!!!  Thanks.
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I have found the HCG and B12 but they are separate. Does anyone know the quantity of each per injection?
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