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B12/lipotropic shots question....

OK, I have started the B12/lipotropics shots and half a phentermine 37.5 pill a day (last Tuesday) to loose weight. I am 5'7" & (started at) 156lbs. (i have lost 2lbs)My questions is if there's anyone on here who has done this program who had only 30lbs to loose? Or why one who knows of someone who has done this? I am wondering b/c all the comments that i have read about this, the people had 50+ lbs to loose so they would be losing weight differently than i will. I mainly wanna know how much weight i should except to loose per week. And how long i might have to stay on this program. The doctor i see there says that she thinks i will do very well on this, and it will take up to two months to get around the goal weight. I think that sounds great!! Anyone who has done these shots, and pills please leave any info on what you are doing or did to loose! Exercise ideas would also be great! Even meal plans to share i would appreciate! Thanks for any POSTIVE feedback, and i look forward to reading your comments!
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I have been taking the shots and the phen for 2 going on 3 weeks and so far i have lost 7 pounds. I could have lost more this past week but it was the time of the month. I am hoping that this week i will lose atleast five more pounds. the fist week i walked onmy treadmil for 30mins 4x a week and i ate the right kinds of food. I also have a small amount to lose (25-30) and it seems to be falling off way too slow compared to others who are dropping the weight real quickly. Hopefully some can give us some tips on what to do.
I'm on the regimen of Lipo -B and adipex I started the lipo B about 3 months ago and the adipex about 60 days ago I've lost a total of 18lbs but that was with walking every other day I'm over 40 so I needed to kick start my metabolism. For the first month I didn't see anything than all of a sudden I started seeing the difference weekly ..
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Ok, how many cal.s are you eating, and protein?
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I started the shots and 1/2 Phen pill last Tuesday. As of Saturday I have lost 6 lbs. I am eating 3 meals a day, but not half as much as before I started the program. I have about 50-60 lbs to lose and if it goes as well as the first week has I will reach my goal in a few  months. I have lots of energy and not much appetite...I haven't been exercising as much as I should, but I am still getting results!
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that is my problem i don't eat enough food and my body is now instarvation mode. I have been real stressed and so far today have only eaten a small fries from mcdonalds and it is now 8:55pm. i was told by the doc today that i need to eat cause i will not lose any weight if i continue to starve myself. Starving myself is not my intentions but i tend to forget to eat b/c i am stressed. I was also told that b/c i am a diabetic the weight will come off slower and i have to work harder.
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You have GOT to EAT!!!! And fries from McDonald's isn't the one thing you need to eat when you're only eating such a little amount!! I'm telling you now, if you don't "train" your mind into ..."OK, I'm up, gotta eat...OK, its 12:00, I've gotta eat lunch...OK, its dinner time, so I've gotta eat" you will hurt your body, and may even end up in the hospital!!! I've seen girls at the gym working out, pass out because they just wasn't hungry on this pill, and their body shut down!!!! This is very serious, and I'm really worried about you!! I've been stressed during this, but i always TRY to eat!! You need to try this for a week and see if this helps!

2 Boiled Eggs
1 Low fat Yogurt
1 20 oz water

Mini Sub (Tuna would be best)
1 20oz water

1 fat free yogurt
1 10oz water

Small salad (with grilled chicken)
1f at free yogurt
1 20oz water

Sounds like a lot, but eating these types of food will keep your body health, and you'll drop the lbs!! You can do, grilled chicken for lunch or dinner, salads for either meal, Mini subs should only be for lunch (i don't eat carbs for dinner!) and eat lots of yogurt! I eat the Yoplait light! it really taste great, and it's great for you while on this program! Please try to eat a menu some what like this one!! As long as you get 1200 cal.s (healthy cals....not junk-or fries) and at least 50g of protein, then your body will lose and you won't end up in the ER!! Another good idea when you're stressed is to get some of the Special K protein bars.. they have them in a snack size or a meal size. I wouldn't eat one as a meal a lot, but when you really don't feel like eating a lot, then these would work good- not big, but you'd be getting your protein! I really hope this helps, and i hope you let me know how it goes! I really wanna help! Good luck to you and i hope i hear from you soon!!
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I have been eating 4oz yogurt with bran buds and some fruit for breakfast and my coffee...can't go without my coffee. Lunch, I eat lean meat, salad, with 2% cheese and light vinigrette dressing and lots of tomatoes or tomatoes and cottage cheese(fat-free) with Rye Krisp crackers. Supper is meat, rice, salad or veggies of some kind. I just can't eat much as I think my stomach is shrinking and the 1/2 Phen pill is working all day, but I make myself eat something good! Going to get another shot today...never had any diet work like this one has! Good luck to you...we can do it! Drink lots of water throughout the day, also.
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Ok, I went today for my 2 week weigh-in and shot. I've lost 7.2 lbs all together. I was hoping for around ten, but i'm just gonna work harder! I was upset about it, since i only lost .6 lbs since last fri. but my BF made me feel better about it, so, i'm ok with it now!! Every lb is a lb!! Thanks to all of you coming here, and cheering me on! That really helps a LOT! The two numbers (that i have referred to before) on the print out were really good... Fat mass went down 1.8lbs, and Muscle mass went up 1.2, so that is why i only lost .6 on the scale. I would still like to see my numbers be better than that on Fri! I wanna start walking, but i still don't want my muscle mass # to go up to much, yet! I wanna see how much fat mass i can loose before i start to build muscle mass. Pretty much because i wanna see that scale move DOWN, DOWN!! lol Well, we'll see what happens fri! Wish me luck!! Good luck to every one else!! xoxo
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is this  a good price for B-12 INJECT ??

10 x 1 Ml vials 1000Mcg B12 Hydroxocobilamine : US $ 39.95
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Well, sweetie, i wouldn't know about that! I haven't ordered it off line, i go to a office, it cost me $12 for each shot where i go. Sorry im not more help! :(
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I went for my shot yesterday (8/10) and in 10 days I've lost 8 lbs. My shots at the Dr. office cost $14 and if it works it's worth it! Everyone keep up the good work! I've not told my family what I'm doing and waithing for a reaction next time I see them. I live in Ga. and they in Mi. Should be fun!
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I live in Ft Lauderdale, Fl. Does anyone know where I can get the B12 shot for weight loss?
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Well i think that'll be fun, about your family! And just to let you know, you're weight loss makes me feel better, back when it was my 10th day, i had lost 6.6 lbs. I'm now up to 8lbs and its been two weeks. I was kinda sad about the amount b/c so many on here loose so much in the 1st and 2nd weeks! I haven't even gotta over ten lbs yet!!! And like you the cost IS worth it! I pay a little less than you-$12 per shot and i do two a week, Tues. and Fri. Well, please come back and post you weigh-ins!!!! I will need to hear ANY positive feedback! I really need to start exercising, my BF says that will help shed the lbs a little faster...i think i will start walking, i don't wanna build to much muscle at this point. I look forward to hearing from you through out the weeks! Good luck, and wish me luck...I NEED IT!!! lol
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