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RE: BODY THERMAGE - SKIN TIGHTENING SYSTEM! **not to be confused with the Facial Thermalift procedure.

Even after hours-upon-hours of online research, I don't feel better informed than when I started. There is a lack of "real-time" photos and testimonials regarding "BODY by Thermage".

My background: Early 40's size 6, 5'5" weigh 125# should be thrilled right? But after having children and yo-yo weight gain/loss, I'm left with moderately loose abdominal skin and a tush that could be better toned. I've no real skin flaws such as stretch marks but am begining to show signs of minor cellulite.  

Five years ago I had abdominal lipo and a breast lift, nice result.  Two years ago I tried Mesotherapy & Endermology, no appreciable benefit.

1) (PHOTOS) Why aren't "body Thermage" photos posted other than those provided by the Themage Company? Moreover, why haven't physicians posted their own "success" BODY photos? This leads me to believe there aren't any.

2) (PAIN and SCARRING) There are mixed reviews on whether to numb. Seems numbing may block pt's ability to percieve pain therefore scarring could occurs. Are docs using lower frequency and more wand passes hoping for better outcomes?

3) (WAIT) Should I wait on improved technology like ELOS or UltraShape rather than take a gamble? I'd like to do small spot reductions while addressing skin laxity but want to avoid disappointment.

Short of the matter, I'll pay whatever and will travel wherever for a successful outcome but need better information.

Please share stories and pics if you've had this procedure...
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RE:  Accent Laser Treatment by Alma Lasers (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

It's called Accent Laser Treatment.  Had my 1st treatment on Friday, March 2, 2007 in Philadelphia and OMG I saw an immediate improvement.  FDA approval expected any day now.  There are only 90 units in the U.S. so expect to travel if you're desperate, like I was.  I'm also using Revitol's Cellulite Solution and Janson Beckett's AlphaDerma CE (2-3x daily) and swear by them both!

---fewer tx's than traditional laser ie.-Velasmooth, Endermology...

---NONE to report except for the need to travel
---However, one should be at their ideal body weight to begin therapy

Accent is meant for body refining; not a replacement for liposuction. It's perfect for "tweaking" problematic areas.  Before and after treatments, you must drink lots of water to help flush (pee) out the disturbed / liquified fat.  I wasn't uncomfortable during or after treatment and in fact, went shopping afterwards since I was so close to the King of Prussia Mall (a very nice escape).  

Treatment for my 2-areas (ab's & bottom) cost $2800 - I've never been happier; even after having traditional liposuction 8 yr's ago. TRUTH IS - the lipo is what caused my dimpling and loose skin!  

I return to Philadelphia in 2-weeks to see Dr. Victoria Falcone, Director of the Center for Body Contouring (www.custombodyshaping.com) for my 2nd Accent treatment; I'll keep everyone posted.  Hopefully, I'll have pictures to post.  FYI, treatments are spaced 2wk's apart so my transformation will take 12-weeks in all.

For more info, check out these links:  

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I had several Accent treatments 8 to be exact and I 0 inch loss the only thing I found it improved was the look of the cellulite it definatly go rid of the orange peel effect on my thighs but overall not worth the $2000.
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