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Bypass2 SlimBall

Has anyone used or researched Bypass2 SlimBall by European2 SlimBall Laboratories? Is it safe, and does it really work, or is this another gimmick?
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I just got this info in the mail about bypass2 slimball and I am very interested in it but cant find any info on it for sure. Just what was sent to me. I dont know if it is true or not or how it will affect your body? I'll keep researching and try to find out suzq1
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I just got the mail also and I'm very curious to learn about this product. Since I have Diabetes, I'm wondering how this would affect my blood sugar and whether it might cause hypoglycemia.
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Hi carole,
I am an RN and I too received this information in the mail and am interested. I would be cautious and monitor your blood sugar frequently. I have had people tell me that have had gastric bypass surgery that eating carbohydrates especially sugar made them sleepy. Also medications definately affected them quickly.
I am going to order the product, and will let everyone know how it works.
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HI Arryssa,

Did you get the product yet? If so what is your progress? I should be getting mine and I really hope it works!
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I just received product and my son brandon is about to try it. He is 24 years old and needs to lose 40 lbs. I am a little skeptical to let him try it with no results as to safety of using bypass2 pills
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I phoned the company today (4-8-08) to place an order for the reinforced cure (the between 20 & 39 lbs). The operator first informed me there was a company back order. I was going to place the order anyway even though she couldn't give me a timetable when the backorder would be filled. Then she informed me that there were some info in the advertising material which wasn't clear. Then she informed me that the order I desired was for two week @ 4 pills per day. That I would need to order the strong cure or the four week amount and they would add another bottle, or another week. My body would then be able to adjust. I then asked how much weight could I realisticly loose in the two week with order I was seeking. She informed me that now one can loose 20 - 39 lbs in two week, it wouldn't good for one's health. She then admitted that the best I could do would be 2-3 lbs. So, I went from reading the material which indicates I can loose between 20 and 39 lbs on the reinforced cure to maybe 2-3 lbs on the one which is adverised as good for loosing between 40 and 59 lbs. My few possible pound lose was getting much more expense by the minute. How could I trust even good results after several weeks or months if I couldn't trust what the material implied. That ended our conversation and so I checked it off as another weight loss gimmick. Perhaps it works in the long run, but evidently not as advertised. Hopefully someone else who tries it can prove me wrong
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